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Why real estate companies are making huge investment in OOH

by tdiindianew

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Of late, various real estate companies are making huge investment in OOH innovations. Citing example of the capital city alone, most of the major sites of outdoor advertising in the city are occupied by real estate ads. The increasing number of townships in and around the city is one of the factors that has enhanced real estate companies to make heavy investment in OOH advertising media. Some more reasons why real estate companies are increasing their ad spend through OOH media are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Modern customers have more spending capacity. The easy availability of home loans, car loans and various loans has again garnered the spending potential of customers. Evaluating this spending capacity of customers, real estate companies target them to buy various properties. They try to persuade these customers through interesting OOH ads that provide messages like ‘We build only your dream homes’. ‘Next to nature, experience the peace, thematic garden’ etc. Somehow these ad messages provide an appeal to those customers who are planning to buy a home in or around the city. Moreover as mentioned above, these customers have spending capacity- which is why real estate companies target them through lucrative OOH ad displays at location friendly sites.

The increasing population in the metropolitan cities is again one of the factors that has encouraged real estate companies to heavily invest in Outdoor Advertising. Targeting those customers who commute from workplace to home and vice versa, real estate OOH ads provide them valuable information about various townships that are under construction and also about those ready to move in houses/apartments. For those who have their own homes in the city, the ad would not matter much. However, for those who are currently staying in rented apartments, buying a house is an asset which makes them the right target group for various real estate company ads.

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