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Way’s to Get Quick Cash: Pawn Jewelry

by alvisdsouza774

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Oh no! It seems there’s more week left than money, and this just isn’t going to work. How can you ever make it with not even a few dollars in your purse? Being without the cash that you need can be a very frustrating experience. However, there are a ton of different ways to avoid this situation and get cash in your pocket in no time, including the option to pawn jewelry. Take a look at these simple, easy ways that anyone can find cash when the week has run longer than the money.

1. Sell Plasma

Selling plasma takes up to 4 hours of your time, and results in as much as $60 in your pocket for this time. You are also helping out sick children with your plasma donation. Many plasma donation centers can be found in major cities.

2. Pawn Jewelry

Pawn shops have long been a part of the world, and with them you can pawn jewelry and get cash in your hands right then and there. Pawn shops require that you be at least 18 years old in order to pawn jewelry, as well as have a valid ID. The best thing about pawning jewelry is that you have 30 days to get the jewelry back. When you pawn jewelry it is a quick, easy way to get a nice amount of money in your hands in an instant.

3. Have a Garage Sale

A garage sale is another quick and easy way to get fast cash – and clear out the house at the same time. A garage sale is a whole lot of fun and includes the benefit of getting rid of the things that you no longer need. Plan a week in advance for the sale, and do be sure that you advertise. Go through the entire home looking for goods for the sale and price them to go. It’s not as fast as if you pawn jewelry, but it could be more profitable.

4. Sell Books/Multimedia items

There are plenty of used book stores who will pay cash on the spot for the books you have in good condition. Pay for books varies and it’s not as much as if you pawn jewelry, but with a collection of titles you can rack up the cash quickly. The same is true for video games, CDs, DVDs, and equipment. While you pawn jewelry, you can pawn these items as well.

5. Ask Family or Friends

When all else fails, asking family or friends to help you with a little bit of cash is always an option. Just remember to pay back every penny you borrow- this is a valid debt just as any other that you have, and you don’t want to allow a few bucks to ruin your relationship.

UltraPawn takes pawning to the next level with a fantastic online pawn shop. Pawn jewelry of all types, as well as numerous other items, and get immediate cash when you need it the most.

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