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Asus Computer Tablets’ Role in the Tablet Generation

by DawsonBettylee

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It is a known fact that technology is always changing. From the crude computer systems, this machinery evolves into a more sophisticated form of tools that people can now use for different purposes. But this change is more apparent today as computers became smaller and definitely handier. Now you can carry your PCs anywhere and everywhere with tablet computers, or simply tablet.

For the benefit of those who don’t know this advancement of tablet is a one-piece mobile device that can function like a computer or a desktop. Although this technology has been around for the past two decades, it is only now that it became available to common individuals and the masses. From then on, the tablet was able to get the love and attention of the consumers and soon became a house hold name.

But it is not surprising why people are so into tablets. The tablet’s main appeal lies on it portability. Back then, people need to have a desktop or a laptop to do their work, and of course, these gadgets need a physical space for placement and storage. But the emergence of tablets definitely changed that concept. Now people can bring their computers everywhere and will not be bothered by the need of space for their equipment.

Nowadays, the popularity of tablets are more apparent. According to the report published by The Washington Post last June 2013, tablet users doubled in the past year alone. The same report stated that one of three Americans owned a tablet, and the number is continuously rising as the makers continue to develop this technology and add more features that attract buyers and consumers.

In the middle of this technological revolution that is driven by innovation, Asus got their game on and produce outstanding tablets that their market definitely digs. Asus computer tablets take on the spot light when the company release their own Asus tablet series.  One of their most remarkable releases was the ASUS MeMo Pad – Delight Me More. This one is certainly a compelling package as its 7” display with 10-finger multi-touch (1024x600, 169 PPI) is a delight for users. And tablet owners need not to worry about the battery life of this device as it can go on for seven hours for all-day computing. And you can also enjoy its front HD camera that will keep you visually connected while chatting online.

Another advantage of this device is the MicroSD expandable memory that can support up to 32GB extra storage. Meaning you can store a great deal of files and still do your clerical work like edit and save your work without slowing. Even better, this device runs on Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean which is definitely fantastic.  And for those who wanted to show their personality through their tablets, this model comes in diamond checkered design with multiple colors. Talk about being trendy.

Best of all, Asus tablet warranty guarantees that your tablet is protected and well-taken care off. Their warranty policy covered certain tablet services to ensure that your tablet is working properly and has no glitch.

It is great that this kind of technology is made available for us. And you can be sure in the future that newer and cooler gadgets will come out. Change is constant but one thing is for sure, Asus will always be at the forefront of these changes.

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