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Top Reasons why Enterprise Level Application

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Among so many popular PHP frameworks why should one choose Symfony? There are 101 reasons to choose Symfony. It is the latest framework used world over having some amazing features and great documentation which can help its users. It can speed up creating robust web applications. And can maintain and customize web apps really well. Most important is, it is open-source, free and its libraries deliver some of the best standardized set of job-specific tools, that can be used across many different projects. It follows (MVC) Model View Controller paradigm and avoids using repetitive tasks.

The Symfony has delivered best applications sufficing various needs of business and enterprise domains. It has built applications for various sectors such as community sectors, social networking sectors, content management, online auction, online invoice etc. It can be used as a free project management tool suitable for small to big size projects. It is fully configurable. Managing tasks, people, customers get easier in enterprise level applications. Some of the best and popular sites using this framework are Snippet, Steer CMS, Askeet, PlanCake, Limetracker, Yahoo bookmark, travel bug, etc.

This open source framework was born in 2005 and is the first unique framework to support the latest PHP version 5.3 to by has a huge community of users and contributors. More than 550 people contributed to the Symfony core and the community was over 1,600 bundles for the full-stack framework. It also has many annual dedicated conferences around the world and has a huge fan following user group.

Top Reasons to choose Sympony:

  • Flexible Architecture: It enables developers to create superb and long-lasting web applications and web services in the easiest possible way. Empowered by MVC components, which enable this application to filter the logic from its defined user interface – in order to make the desired changes. In fact, testing also becomes easier and faster.

  • Innovation: Symfony has everything one expects from a framework, it is flexible, got a good speed, reusable components, etc. Then a structure of what has been developed and uses of best practices.

  • Useful: Since Sensio has developed a habit of shaking up the established order and is always striving for excellence, Symfony (and its entire community) has developed a sense of curiosity that goes well beyond PHP. And has some added features which has served the world of PHP in a different way, such as dependency injection from the Java world. It has a web debug toolbar which has helped programmers in a productive way.

  • Interoperability: Build applications in a way to meet the best business needs, for this Symfony plays a big role. Symfony respects the existing standards of PHP: The PHPUnit, naming conventions for classes, etc. Furthermore, Symfony also allows to use certain of its software building blocks such as translation management, dependency injector, form management, etc. without necessarily using the framework in its entirety. It has interoperable features and uses external software building blocks like Swiftmailer.

  • Reputation: Quickly adopted by technocrats active in this field following its launch in 2005, Symfony today gives stable environment that is both popular and recognized internationally. The number of its references have grown significantly since its launch. Symfony is also an active community driven; developers, integrators, users and other contributors who participate in the ongoing enrichment of this tool.

  • Easier Maintenance: Symfony automatically has low performance overheads. Symfony development builds customized, robust applications for all kinds of enterprises, as well as enables developers full control over the configuration i.e. one can customize everything. Symfony have a collection of tools to help programmers to unit test, debug and document development process in order to match enterprise specifications.

  • Resources: It builds robust applications in an enterprise context, thus provides developers full liberty to control over the configuration - right from directory structure to the foreign libraries everything. Symfony aims at shortening this time and also aims at automating common tasks so that the developer can focus on various specifications of the web applications.

  • References: It renders applications for varied sectors such as intranets, public sites, community sites, social networks, management and workflow applications, etc. Examples hundreds of sites and applications of all sizes and of all types trust Symfony. Yahoo,, Dailymotion, have been supported by this framework .

Symfony is a well-organized and simple to use and learn framework. Written in PHP language, it is one of those PHP5 frameworks which has a good documentation support , number of useful plug-ins, updates, new release versions and much more. Symfony framework is also gaining popularity and recognition for its simple installation and stable performance in Windows and other systems.It supports databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle. It even supports automated form validation and user input clearance for avoiding SQL injections and XSS attacks.

Resolving routine tasks of Symfony developers is quick with Symfony Development as it allows rapid web application development as well as web application management. It aims to build classic applications in an enterprise level, which means one can get total control over the configuration right from the directory structure to libraries and almost everything can be customized. Symfony is bundled with additional tools for development purpose, thus helping to test its applications. It can debug and document any project. By choosing this framework, one can get the benefit of an active open-source community. PHP web development teams can help you build projects within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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