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UAE Web Hosting

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Top 5 Features Every Web Hosting Should Have


If you are planning to develop a website then deciding which type of web hosting to use is very important and you should not take it lightly. In the following section we will go through the top 5 features which should ideally be present in a web hosting you select.


Top 5 Web Hosting Features


Storage Space: One of the primary concerns while selecting a web hosting service is the amount of storage available. For small websites, a few gigabytes of storage should be enough but if you are looking for unlimited storage plans then read the fine print carefully as in many instances the plan remains unlimited till normal usage limit is crossed so make sure the hosting company clearly states the actual space limits.


Bandwidth Available: It is total data that a visitor uses in uploading or downloading pages on your site. As for example, if you get a bandwidth of 15 MB from your hosting provider then in a month up to 15 MB of data can be uploaded or downloaded from your site. If total size of your site is 1 MB and a visitor to your site opens every page then each visitor will use up 1 MB of your available bandwidth, meaning you can have 15 such visitors on your site in a month. After the available bandwidth is used up the hosting company will start charging you extra amount for bandwidth used over the given limit. So you need to select bandwidth by calculating the number of visitors you expect on the site.


Domains/Sub-Domains: It is more likely that once you start running a website, you will want to start another one and it would be a difficult thing if you are required to look after hosting account for each one. So you should select a hosting service provider which allows multiple domains to be hosted on the server and thus becomes easy for you to manage all the domains and sub-domains from a single interface. Normally, there are limits on how many domains can be added in one single account, so you should check this clause before purchasing a hosting service.


Email Facility: When you purchase hosting then web hosting company also provides email accounts. One primary question you should ask them is the number of email accounts you will be allowed to create for your domain. Secondly, ask if there will be web interface provided to manage the email accounts and if Google Apps integration is possible. You also need to know if mail client will only be POP or any other mail client can be used through IMAP.


Database/Language/Backup: All websites nowadays require a backend database and most hosting companies offer MySQL support. However, if you want to use any other database such as Oracle or SQL Server then make sure it is supported by the hosting service you choose. Secondly, server side languages supported by the web host are important and suppose in the coming months you want to use Django then the web host should support Python language. Lastly, backup feature is important for your website to save your valuable data. So check with the hosting company on the various methods they provide to backup your data, which includes both the files as well as the database in the backend.

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