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Ten mistakes to avoid in Web Design

by anonymous

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Unrestrained use of frames


Divide a page in many frames greatly confuses the user since the uncontrolled use of frames contrasts with "the fundamentals underlying the use of Web pages." It often happens that bookmarks do not return to the current page as they can "confuse" the frameset relative. And 'well known that many times the URL is not working properly and the prints are difficult to use. But more: how do you know what type of information will appear on the user's monitor when it will make a click on a link?


Uncontrolled use of technology


Not try to attract your audience with special effects technology on the site "latest thing." Surely it would be much appreciated by brainy "bit-splitting" but the public who are interested in you win is more interested in the content of the information and service that you have entered in your site ONLY and not to its shape. Using beta versions of software and therefore not definitive particular graphic, go toward the risk that the system could crash while your visitors are looking at the site. This will discourage them to the point not to return to visit you and to make a bad publicity to your detriment.


Texts scrolling, flashing messages and animations


Not insert graphic elements which keep moving. Imagery of this kind divert attention so impressive. A web page should not look like the entrance to an amusement park: donate your visitors a little 'peace and quiet while you are about to read the text.


URL complicated


Although it is always good not to show the URL address of the page on the browser-level machine code, it was discovered that many users try to decode the URLs of pages to interfere with the structure of the site. Boaters do this as they are encouraged by the low level of support navigation from the current browsers. Make sure that the URL monsters names of guidelines and related files in a clear and legible, and reflect the nature of the information. In any case, given names all lowercase, and no special characters.


Orphan pages


Make sure that all pages include a clear indication of where the user is inside of your site, without having to go back to the homepage. For the same reason, every page should have the opportunity, visible, to jump directly to the homepage at any time and place.


Pages with a long scroll of text


Eestimated that only a minority of users gives a result of information that are visible only when you scroll down a page on the monitor. All the key information and important must be made ​​at the beginning and at the top of the page.


Scarcity of a navigational


Do not assume that the surfer visiting understands everything immediately on your site. The user always has difficulties, the first time, to reach the information included in the site, and then you must strive to provide a consistent and irridondante vision of the structure. Begin to give a good and clear definition of the structure of the information space: generate a site map with the "you are here" accessible at any time and from any place of the website. A function "site search" could complete the work.


Using non-standard colors


The links to pages not yet visited must be in BLUE; link to pages you've seen must be in RED or PURPLE. Do not get confused with these colors, as you would be betrayed by the standard of the most common browers.


Watering, pruning and piantumare


Try to engage your team in a Web-gardener. You will need someone to take care to prune the plants, mow the lawn and water the flowers: in fact, your website will need to be updated of new information (watering), to verify expired links (prune) and insert new content (piantumare). Unfortunately, most companies do not care about this and visits to their site are steadily declining because the user immediately has the feeling of being in front of an information space dead.


Download the pages too long


And 'scientific data, verified and established, that a human being has a maximum response time of 10 seconds before starting to lose interest in an external event. On the Web, users have moved up the threshold value (15 seconds) saddened by the poor (for now) technological answer that runs on the Net This means that the communication of the message is crucial and implies a cognitive burden use the best language communicative. In fact, we should not lose you time to share a concept that we expressed with too much emphasis and emotion: the user does not have to stop to filter the message but must not use our website.


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