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Luxury Serviced Villas is a Trending Concept of Stays

by tamimaahmad

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With the fall of Rome, what once used to be an ancient Roman upper-class country house, the idea and functionality of a Villa began evolving considerably. Becoming small farming compounds in its early stages of evolution and going on to act as monasteries in the later, the Villas have come out as structures of complete class in this modern society.  


Ranging from privately owned villas with their own distinct style reflecting their owner’s tastes and personalities to renovated old Portuguese, Roman houses steeped in history, with high wooden ceilings, balcaos and bedrooms with individual verandas, the Villas comes a thing of luxury for the modern days.


The modern villas with their open spaces, contemporary furniture, terracotta flooring and objects d’art don’t come in cheap to buy. This doesn’t however mean that one can’t enjoy the ultimate Villa experience. Taking the tourism market by fire is the new concept of stays at luxury serviced villas. One gets to spend a pampered stay at exquisite looking villas and that too with very satisfactory services.


I once got to visit the south of India. It was a long trip covering almost every state in the tail. Initially, it began with a hiccup, with us not landing bookings in the preferred hotels due to the peak season. We improvised and made some changes with the stay in a villa being a part of it. What we earlier thought to be a plan B, waste of money, became in fact, the most memorable part of the trip.


Initially, after the many disappointments at hotel bookings, we received many recommendations and suggestions for plan B. Quite naturally; I was also ardently searching the internet for good packages. I saw some reviews about a ‘villa’ thing and I genuinely got interested in it. I couldn’t find bookings for it too but thankfully after many troubles I was able to hustle a move through.


Obviously what I got was not the best in the lot but whatever I stood by at my arrival in Goa, was something of a marvel. Very beautifully built with very fine touches of Portuguese inspired architecture ironically standing bold, it was a great delight to the eyes. So serene, amidst the bustling Goa I can go up to the extent to suggest that, after the beaches, Villas are the next best thing there.


We were welcomed by a small staff compromising of a service manager and a Chef. The service manager informed us that the generic body at any luxury serviced villas across the globe compromised of a manger and a cook. The manager acted as a care taker for our Villa while also acting as a translator. In brief, he helped where ever he could while the cook introduced our taste buds to the indigenous cuisines. Now, this was a great plus as in many places you go hunting for that perfect food stall which eventually you never manage to find.


Topping this all was the independence and privacy offered by the Villas. One gets to stay in a home, away from home except that, you also enjoy the comfort of luxury. Staying in any luxury serviced villas, is one leap of faith that you should be taking. I can guarantee that it won’t disappoint you.

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