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Things To Know About Pontoon Boat and Boat Seats

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There is no qualm that pontoons are widely popular for their fun factor and superb maneuverability as they let you to voyage almost anywhere you want. However, no matter what your location is, it is really tough to get protection from the harsh sunlight on the open water. Not just sunlight, when you are on the pontoon, which does not offer any kind of protection, you will be quite open to hassles like spray, rain, and even UV rays. Quite undoubtedly, exposure to such elements of nuisance can make it tough for you to enjoy the adventure trip on your Pontoon Boat, even if you are having a good company and fishing around. Fortunately, it is possible to equip your pontoon boat with tops or enclosure that provides almost complete protection from the sun rays.


These days, Pontoon Boat are available in many different sizes and forms. So, you can choose them as per you needs. As far as the material used for the tops is concerned, vinyl and polyester-cotton mix are the two widely used options. Both of them are quite durable and wrinkle free as well. In addition, they are also quite low on cost. However, the best part is that they also provide good amount protection from harmful UV rays and mildew. Tubes for tops are quite essential and they are also available in different types. However, stainless steel and aluminum are the two prime materials.


The typical dimensions of boat tops used for pontoon are 8 feet by 8 feet and 8 feet by 10 feet, whereas the height remains about 46 to 60 inches. Quite obviously, looks are crucial too. Pontoon Boat Tops are available in wide range of colors, and you can choose them as per the color of your pontoon boat. Nevertheless, there are three standard configurations available, which are – traditional, buggy-style, and rectangular or square shape. Among them, the buggy style offers extra flaps that reach downwards and join to the adjacent railing. When purchasing Pontoon Boat, it is also quite crucial to think about the size of storage boot. When you do not need the pontoon top, you can simply pack it up and store it inside the storage boot.


Boat Seats are available in many sizes and of different types. Some of the most widely used options are captain’s chair, leaning posts, seat cushions, and swivels. Leaning post seats are widely used for boats with center console because they can be used as a seat, bench or a leaning post. Captain’s chair is also designed for flybridge or center console use, and they feature extra thick cushions. Captain’s chair or seat is considered as the most appropriate choice for pontoon boats, particularly for those who are into fishing. Whatever boat seat you may choose, make sure it offers comfort and durability as well. In addition, make sure the Boat Seats offer enough space and can withstand the salinity of sea water. In this way, you can make your pontoon boat more attractive and valuable.


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