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Liposuction Surgery for Men - Different Options

by paslnyc

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Cosmetic plastic surgery options are many, and are designed to shape and contour the human body making you look younger, more vibrant and confident. Laser liposuction is a very popular procedure acclaimed for its safety and capability of providing the best results. Men prefer Smartlipo laser liposuction for defining as well as toning the muscles. Abdominis muscles, oblique muscles running diagonally along the sides of the abdomen and rectus are common target areas for liposuction surgery. Liposuction surgery for men creates a natural musculature and provides additional tone in those areas. The chin, arms, back and neck regions are other popular target areas. Excess fat in these areas is removed and the body contoured to provide a chiseled look.

Reputable plastic surgery centers in the US offer the advanced procedure of Smartlipo for men who wish to get rid of unwanted fat in various body areas that don't respond even to strict exercise and diet. At these centers, there are qualified and experienced plastic surgeons who are aware that just as women, men are also concerned about their looks. Therefore, they strive to provide excellent aesthetic results for men as well.

Smartlipo Laser Liposuction to Contour Various Body Areas

Laser liposuction surgery for men is the perfect option, whether it is for correcting a protruding abdomen, for getting a cool six pack look, for cutting down oversized breasts or for rectifying a double chin. At these centers of plastic surgery, you can achieve a sculpted and natural look with the help of Smartlipo technology. With male liposuction, removal of fat is possible from the following areas:

>> Buttocks
>> Flanks or love handles
>> Thighs
>> Abdomen
>> Back
>> Face
>> Neck
>> Upper arms
>> Knees
>> Hips 

Why Laser Lipo for Men?

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that can be provided under local anesthesia, which increases its safety. This procedure is associated with minimal pain and discomfort. This procedure benefits even those areas of the body that are not accessible via conventional liposuction. In this, laser energy of 3 powerful wavelengths is used for contouring the body. Scarring, swelling and bleeding are minimized. Recovery is faster and easier compared to other procedures. Based on individual cosmetic goals and health status, the surgeon would determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. Discuss all your concerns related to the procedure freely with the surgeon, to avoid disappointment in future. A good plastic surgeon can be found online, with thorough research. Make sure to read reviews about him/her, before making a decision.


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Established plastic surgery practices offer laser liposuction surgery for men to help them achieve an attractive physique. Schedule an appointment with a specialist to know if you are a candidate for male liposuction.

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