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Welcome The 2014 Horoscopes With Open Arms And Embrace

by leoturpin61

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As the New Year gets closer and closer you can't help but hope that the coming year will be better than the one that just passed. Tired of the same old problems, you're probably thinking it's high time that they be solved so that you can finally begin your life afresh without the baggage from the past dragging you down.

2014 horoscopes will help shed a guiding light to a better and brighter future! You can plan against the coming challenges and break free of the constant tension.

Saturn in Scorpio

Horoscopes 2014 will be greatly affected by Saturn being in Scorpio just as it was in 2013. It will stay until September the 17th, 2015. This phase will bring about the subject of sex and reproduction into the spotlight. Change in society at will is prominent as Saturn will force civilization as we know it to be more responsible and trustworthy. Anyone that may tread off of that path will be geared back on track with Saturn's pull. New situations will constantly arise that will reflect on the changes that are required in order for society to improve. For your 2014 horoscope, though not easy, slow and thoughtful deliberation will yield positive results for everyone.

Uranus in Aries

Uranus' ongoing influence on Aries will continue encouraging imagination and innovation from everyone. This cycle will continue until 2019, bringing about forward thinking in every field. Capturing the true essence of energy and ambition, the two of them combined to bring forth a resourceful pairing for 2014 horoscopes. Their union will attempt to clear out the old and make way for something new to come to the surface. The best part is that people who've normally played safe will suddenly find themselves willing to take risks and step out from their comfort zones.

Personally for your horoscope 2014, this may mean the discovery of urges and desires that you never knew you had hidden within. Perhaps they'd always been lurking in your sub consciousness and only now did they find the opportunity to surge ahead and make themselves known.

Pluto in Capricorn

The great debacle of 2008 was brought on by Pluto entering Capricorn's orbit, rocking the basic foundation of our lives and giving us a blank slate to begin a new life. For horoscopes 2014, Pluto will continue to work back stage controlling the finer aspects of each performance. What is needed to be taken into consideration is the impact of Pluto on your personal planets. If Pluto is sextant with your planet, then your horoscope 2014 will allow you to face new challenges with ease and make a smooth transition. In case Pluto is in trine with your planet, then your 2014 horoscopewill have an even bigger impact in making miracles happen! Issues happen when Pluto is square or in opposition with your planet, creating issues and spreading an aura of being constantly uncomfortable.

All in all, the coming year will bring forth a lot of powerful influences. The best way to know how to take advantage of this is to look up your own personal sun sign!


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