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Thwarting Facts About Fathers Custody Rights

by anonymous

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In a society where women’s freedom movement and women’s emancipation had given rise to female power the men became powerless. Today fathers custody rights for their children is a battle that is even hard to contemplate. In most cases the court of law favors the mother for custody of a child because it is she who has given birth to the infant, she has nurtured him and taken care of his needs. What people tend to forget is that baby would never have seen our beautiful planet if the father had not been present at the time of consummation. Fathers custody rights need to be revised in this state.

It’s not just the sperm that the father contributes to the mother he takes care of the life growing inside his partner by helping her with her daily exercises, making food for her, controlling nausea that occurs during the initial period of pregnancy and protecting her from any type of harm. Therefore fathers have as much right on their child as mothers.  Divorce is a hard scenario to deal with especially if the child support modification program is rigid. You cannot make changes in the amount of money that should be rightfully paid by your other half; some scheming wives will utilize the money received through child support modification program for their personal use. In such cases you can make an appeal in court regarding such circumstances and ask to deposit money in the personal accounts of your children.

Child support modification can be done only due to a change in circumstances. These circumstances are:

  1. A raise in your spouse’s pay structure by being promoted in their field of work or by changing their work station.
  2. The mother of your child marrying another person, in such a scenario you are exempted from paying money for the upbringing of your child. Fathers custody rights will need to be revised as the child may prefer the company of his own father.
  3. Due to an inability you have lost your job or are unable to continue working for life. In such a case you can hardly earn a living so you will not be reproved from making financial contribution for your child.  

All these circumstances can only help in, modification of child support financial structure but it cannot help in making the father win sole custody of their child. In a state where we proclaim equality for both sexes how can our law be so rigid and cruel to fathers? Fathers custody rights should entail equal spending time as that of mothers because they have not taken a divorce from their children, the love for a child does not extinguish due to a divorce with their spouse. You should sit with your lawyer and discuss every intricate detail about fathers custody rights so that you can understand what all provisions can be procured by you. You should be aware about your visitation rights, the time you can spend with your children if you can take a trip with them or are you prohibited from even taking them to nearby places. All these are terms about fathers custody rights and child support modification program you must consult with your lawyer during or after your custody case.  

Author Bio:

Alick Anderson is experienced lawyer and has several years of experience in father’s rights and child support modification. He writes articles on father’s rights, Child Support Modification and Fathers Custody Rights.


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