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Tailor Your Looks with Slim Fit Suits

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Slim fit suits have maintained their stature of universal fashion suits for men since 19th century. The fit of the suit and the look it gives to men all around the world has made it one of the most convenient choices to be worn on special occasions. You can call these suits as one the safest options to wear to a grand event in case you had forgotten to pick out your clothes earlier. There are many designer labels that make this type of suit like Georgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Versace, Gucci etc. The fitting of these slim fit suits is so immaculate that donning these suits can never go out of fashion thus it will be an asset to your wardrobe all your life.

Another fashionable suit that has been made popular due to actors donning them to special events is 3 piece suits. Famous Hollywood entities have been responsible for the popularity of these suits. The 3 characters that have made 3 piece suits famous are:

  1. John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever:  The actor played the role of Tony Manero in this disco dance movie in the year 1977. His iconic 3 piece suits in white color have classified this suit as an iconic piece of garment. The way he wore these suit made him look dashing and mysterious making women mad and men envious about his fashion. It was auctioned in a museum recently and sold to a bidder at £ 93000! If people are ready to shell out so much money for a celebrity suit then you can assess the value these 3 piece suits still have.
  2. Ed Westwick in Gossip Girl: The famous character of Chuck Bass that was played in the series by this actor. His 3 piece suits and his color contrasting bow ties made it one of the most famous and distinguished attire of all the actors present in the series. He was considered the style icon during the show because of his designer suits. He also wore slim fit suits that were spectacularly tailored to give him a roguish and self assured look.
  3. Pierce Brosnan in bond movies: James Bond has been a spy that has been adored by millions of fans all over the world. Pierce Brosnan lends verisimilitude to this famous character written by Ian Flemin in the year 1953. The actor has become famous for donning 3 piece suits during his journey of playing 007 in Bond movies. The spectacular looks sported by the actor made ladies mouth water on and off screen. His slim fit suits were also a trademark of the character he played.

The fusion of adorning yourself with suit and a bow tie is what sets off the combination to perfection. Suit has become a compulsory element of your wardrobe be it a business meeting or a formal event you will need to wear suit to make yourself a part of the crowd. You cannot go dressed casually to every event and gala. If you commit this folly you will not only feel out of place but also feel the stains of embarrassment and awkwardness.

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