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What is Fleet Management?

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Simply put, fleet management can be described as management of a number of vehicles – called a fleet – which belong to a company or an individual. It includes maintenance of the vehicles, managing the drivers and expenses like salaries and fuel. It also includes tracking the vehicles, purchase of new vehicles, sale of old ones and conformation to the law of the land.

A fleet manager therefore has a lot of responsibility. You are charged with meeting the objectives of the organization while managing your fleet and the team of drivers. If you require the fleet for a specific purpose, it may be a better idea to hire the fleet from an auto leasing Canada Company.

And if you need the fleet on a regular basis and want to maintain one of your own, you can hire the company for managing it.

What does a Fleet Management Company do?

Most auto leasing Canada companies offer the following services:

  • Research for available vehicles

  • Acquisition of vehicles

  • Leasing vehicles

  • Locating vehicles in the field

  • Emergency repairs

  • Disposing old vehicles

  • Modification of vehicles

  • Fuel Cards

  • Regular repair and maintenance

You can either lease an entire fleet owned by them or retain them to maintain your own fleet.

How it Works

The most difficult task of a fleet manager is keeping track of the vehicles. As a fleet manager, you should know where each of your vehicles is at any point of time and should be in a position to contact the driver if required.

With modern day technology, this has become quite simple. The latest fleet management software allows you to log on to the computer that is on board the vehicle, and get details regarding location, mileage, fuel usage and much more.

You can use this information to tackle discrepancies, monitor driver behaviour, judge vehicle efficiency and for vehicle and trip profiling.

Benefits of fleet leasing and management

Many companies prefer to lease a fleet rather than maintain their own vehicles. There are several advantages to leasing a fleet.

Leasing a fleet is cheaper than maintaining you own fleet. When you lease the vehicles, the onus of maintaining the fleet is not yours. You can simply use the vehicles for your purpose and return them to the auto leasing Canada company.

You will also save on time required for monitoring the vehicles, repairs, and other issues regarding drivers' salaries and other benefits. You do not have to keep additional staff to monitor and manage the fleet.

It is therefore very beneficial to hire a fleet leasingCanada company to manage your fleet or better yet lease the fleet from them if it is for a specific purpose.

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