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Mini netbooks are all the rage

by wolvol

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A computer is an indispensable part of our lives. We spend so much time on computers that imagining life without the aid of a computer is now unimaginable. It is more a necessity than a luxury in today’s world. Computers are present in every person’s life. A student uses computers to finish schoolwork, complete assignments and do research projects. A professional uses computers to stay connected with the rest of the workforce by sending and receiving emails and corresponding via the computer. Young people, children and old people all use computers on a daily basis whether it is work related, school related or family related. You can use computers to stay in touch with family and friends in any corner of the world, which is a big bonus. The only negative that I can think of when talking about desktop computers in this era is that they are bulky and non-portable. However, with the advancement in technology, we have now reached the age of the mini netbook, which is a small computer that is small, compact and portable.

A mini netbook is a small computer or in other words it is a small laptop. The screen of a netbook is usually 7 or 10 inches big and it may or may not have a keyboard as per your requirements. You can later get an external keyboard and attach it with your netbook if you need it or you can make use of the virtual keyboard. As the name suggests, a mini netbook  is exactly that. It is miniature, which is why it is so easy to carry around with you. Today, you will see most students carrying a netbook instead of a laptop because it so convenient to carry. Netbooks are light and small and easily fit into your hand. They make for great reading while on the move. If you are fond of reading novels but never seem to have the time, you should buy a netbook. This way you can download e-books on your computer and read them while you are commuting from place to place in order to save time.

A mini netbook is also great for viewing movies and watching videos while on the move. Standing in line for a bus or riding long distances on the subway can be really boring, which is why if you have a mini netbook with you, you can pass your time productively. You can catch up with a friend via video chat, watch a movie, laugh at a funny video or even research an important project. The things you can do with a netbook are limitless. As long as you have a good Internet connection, you will never get bored. For people who cannot afford unlimited Internet, you need not worry. There are plenty of apps and games on the netbook that you can use without the Internet as well. Make use of all these features to get the best experience out of your inexpensive, highly functional, user friendlymini netbook.


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