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Voice and Video Transcription – What you may want to know

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The most basic service that transcribing firms offer is voice transcription and it involves recreating voice recordings into text form. Even with the availability of speech recognition software, many organizations still want their audio transcription tasks to be done manually as this way accents can be deciphered more easily thus avoiding errors in wording. Voice transcription requirements arise from different spheres of industry and can include college lectures, doctor-patient and lawyer-client interviews, conference speeches, church sermons, and so forth. To successfully transcribe voice recordings the relevant firms need personnel who have a good ear to detect phonetics, as well as pay attention to detail, grammar, and so forth. The transcribed recording should in every way be an exact reflection of the original file to ensure that the context, meaning and wording are not lost.

There are two formats for voice transcription i.e. regular and absolute transcribing. The client may want his/her recording transcribed exactly as it is, including mumblings, background sounds, audible interruptions, and so forth, and this is what constitutes absolute verbatim. Regular verbatim on the other hand only provides the actual words spoken by the participants. The cost of a voice transcription service is based on how difficult it is decipher the speech of the party/s involved in the recording.

The transcription world also offers video transcription services considering that most TV shows and movies require verbatim that includes sound effects, and which is very useful in helping viewers to follow video recordings, not forgetting how invaluable this is for deaf people. The demand for video transcription services spans several industries. Movie producers, for example, need this service to ensure that their blockbusters will find success on the international scene. Some broadcast companies have this as a requirement so as to ensure that their programs and entertainment videos will appeal to their target markets. Educational and training videos also require transcription services so as to be helpful to students and staff in different corners of the world.

Millions of clips are available on YouTube. They will however be less useful if they do not carry the associated transcriptions, or what are normally called subtitles. Another reason for seeking video transcription services (also applies to voice) is that the contents of the transcripts are search engine searchable unlike the audio and video files. Individuals and organizations can thereby embark on effective online marketing.

Whether you need audio or video transcription services, it is clear that you need the job to be done right, if not perfectly. This calls for working with professional firms, and which are the kind of companies that will offer free transcription for the first few minutes of the audio or video recording for the client to assess the quality of work he/she can expect. They are also the firms that charge based on the length of the recording and not by how long the transcription process takes.


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