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Questions to Ask a Plastic Surgeon Regarding Body Contouring

by paslnyc

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If any kind of body contouring procedure is being taken into consideration, then the first step is finding a good plastic surgeon in your area. This can be done either through online research or by taking referrals from friends, family and your general practitioner. The next step is scheduling a personal consultation with the chosen surgeon. A one-on-one meeting is important. All the questions should be written down in advance to get the information that you need. Given below are some of the questions that can be asked to your plastic surgeon:

>> Are you board certified in plastic surgery?
Many people do not realize that it is necessary for a doctor to be certified in plastic surgery. To confirm whether a surgeon is board-certified, visit his/her website and check their certifications. A board-certified surgeon can bring about excellent aesthetic results, while also ensuring a safe surgery.

>> How often do you perform this procedure?
Find a plastic surgeon that is specialized in the procedure that you want to undergo. The more times the procedure is performed by the surgeon, the more refined his skills are.

>> Am I a good candidate for the procedure?
During the consultation, your suitability for the procedure would be evaluated. Your candidacy would depend on factors such as:

# Overall health and medical history
# Expectations and goals regarding the surgery

>> Can I see the before and after photographs of previous patients?
During the consultation, before and after photos of the plastic surgeon’s previous patients can be checked. These photos will give you an idea of the results that can be expected as well as the skills of the surgeon.

>> Where would the surgery be performed?
Get details about the place where the body contouring procedure would be performed. Ideally, the plastic surgery facility should be well-equipped with the latest technology. There should be efficient and compassionate clinical staff to support the plastic surgeon.

>> What are the possible complications and risks of the surgery?
All the facts need to be known before going ahead with the body contouring procedure. The plastic surgeon should explain all the possible complications and risks of the procedure. This will help in making an informed decision.

>> How long would the recovery period be?
Knowing the length of the recovery period is extremely important. The surgeon will let you known as to when normal activities can be resumed. After knowing this, your personal as well as business schedule can be arranged.


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Before you approach a plastic surgery center to have a body contouring procedure, do some thorough research. Make a checklist of the questions to ask your plastic surgeon and ensure that you get satisfactory answers to your queries before going ahead.

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