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Premium Iron Castings

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Waupaca Foundry is one of the most renowned names in the market of quality casting. We are also promoting a waste reduction project to reduce waste volume. Waste generated or when processed by us is reused or recycled as much as possible, to bring our final disposal amount as near to zero as possible. Waste reduction makes good management sense. Where there is waste, there is inefficiency, and where there is inefficiency, there is an opportunity to reduce costs. Reducing waste increases productivity, safeguards the environment and strengthens the firm's economic base. Waste reduction is a demonstration of the firm's commitment to environmental protection.

Grey iron castings are cast in green sand and on bake mold processes. It is used in a wide range of products used in automotives, aerospace engineering and transportation industries. Known for its resistance to cracking and high temperatures, gray iron casting of high quality has a great demand in the heavy industry sector. Grey Iron is the oldest form of cast iron and available in the most common way.  Gray Iron is used for many production purposes, like shrinkage free castings and intricate castings due to its liquidity characteristics. It can expand during the solidification process due to the formation of graphite. We manufacture and inspect patterns as per customer's drawing, specification and requirements with close tolerances. Our inspection and testing includes careful visual inspection, dimensional checks and non destructive examinations.

Our firm has developed and implemented waste reduction and recycling as a normal way of doing business, and the returns have been favorable. Waste reduction at source includes any activity of reducing or eliminating the generation of a waste within a process; Recycling, reusing or reclaiming waste, either on-site or off-site; It can be used as a means of Energy recovery by beneficially using some specific wastes as a fuel under carefully controlled conditions, to recover the energy value; Proper treatment should be done by reducing the toxicity and volume of hazardous waste. Land disposal is only considered as a last resort.

           Our castings are the prime inputs to many core sector industries of diverse nature. That these industries have reposed their faith in us speaks for our ability to meet challenges with success. Having many experienced engineers and skilled workers, we assure you of premium quality iron castings.



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