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Organic Juices versus Regular Juices

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Organic foods are a highly talked about topic in today’s society. Being constantly surrounded by and ingesting harmful chemicals has left many people looking for a way to improve their diet.  Organic Juices are one way of being able to do this.  First coined as a term in 1939 by Lord Nothbourne, organic farming was his conception of “the farm as organism” which was his description of holistic and chemical free farming.  Organic Juices are derived from this now popular concept. The fruit used in the organic juicing process are farmed from fruit free from chemical and synthetic pesticide use.

In order to be certified as an organic food. The product must contain a 95% minimum of products that were not exposed to any chemical treatment both during and post harvesting. The plants must not have been fertilized with any chemical fertilizer and any pesticides must not be of a synthetic nature.  Livestock must only be fed and have access to foods that are antibiotic and hormone free.  Weed control is allowed as long as it is of a chemical free process. If this is not possible, then the farmer must only use weed control products that are included on the National List of Synthetic Substances. Organic juices are derived from this same process of organic fruit farming.  It is also taken one step further to ensure that no artificial food ingredients are added to the juice.

Non organic juices are made from fruit that has been treated for bug infestations, faster growth, artificial ripening and better color.  While the fruit itself does look spectacular, it is because it is truly artificially enhanced.  The long term effects of this on the human body are detrimental.  Some of the most popular fertilizers used in the United States are known to be carcinogenic to humans.  The plants absorb the chemicals therefore also sending it into the fruit. The fruit is then consumed by humans along with its harmful chemicals.  Consumption of these toxins has been known to result in cancer.  Pesticides also have fatal effects on humans.  Approximately 1 million people are affected worldwide by illness and death from pesticides on products.  Although the goal of pesticides to remove harmful organisms without destroying the good, this is hardly the result.  Farming is a multibillion dollar industry, the pressure to produce products has surpassed the pressure to produce quality.  Chemical products are used during every stage of farming to ensure that the crops grow quickly and produce bountifully.  Retail pressure has put quantity over quality.

Organic agriculture is the best way to ensure that you are giving your body the best nutrients it deserves..  You work hard at your studies, your job, your school and your family.  A simple oversight into the quality of food going into your body can have a lifetime of detrimental effects.  By drinking organic juices, you will get a better quality juice with the reduced risk of illness or death from harmful byproducts.  Take the time to completely research anything being consumed by yourself and your family. You will be glad that you did. offers a mixture of coconut water and organic juice ( ) that gives you the much required antioxidants. Loaded with antioxidants, this refreshing new beverage will keep you energized and quenched for the day ahead. To know how a mulberry leaf looks like, you may also visit

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