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Wave One Noida

by vkhelios

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Nation's well-known designer Wave has added yet another feather to its cap with the addition of Wave One professional residence to its comprehensive profile. The professional workplace is located pretty close to the successful office space Noida Sector 18 and just 150 metres from the closest City Place. The 41-storey structural milestone is distributed over a total built-up area of 2 million sq. feet. The residence is Vastu and Feng Shui certified to ensure that businesses are successful in their efforts. Developers of the huge building are world-renowned Nostri Developers, known for creating exceptional Retail space Noida. Wave One has been designed by Brennan Alcohol Gorman Developers and Brennan Alcohol Gorman Monk Decorations (BBG-BBGM). The two have been recognized with more than 55 worldwide prizes for their work across the world.


Also, Dun and Boardman of London, UK are the straight transport professionals for the venture, guaranteeing technically prepared lifts, escalators, etc. Architectural professionals for Wave One are Base Technological innovation, Honolulu Hawaii islands. The security systems come of Wave One come from ASERO. The vehicle parking area will be sufficient to provide about 2000 vehicles and vehicle parking professionals are Secure Parking from Modern Sydney, Australia. The story is open from four factors to accomplish excellent exposure of the environment as well as other professional businesses. This has been brought to effect by EDSA, California who are the scenery designers of Wave One. They have also assured that the Sky Garden of the residence is unique and provides sufficient entertainment to all. The residence is suitable for workplace, professional retail store area as well as multiplexes.


Wave One exclusive commercial office space Noida is an office space designed and developed by a powerful group of native and famous professionals from around the globe. At these office spaces you have a freedom to choose from a set of 3 effectively categorized groups of spaces that are custom designed for your company. A number of professionals from the best of the industry have joined up to not only create Wave One of the highest designs in the NCR, but also a building that signifies quality architecture. A combination of international skills and the viewpoint of power, the framework of Wave One adhere to the postulates of Vaastu and Feng Shui. The act allows the circulation of good ‘chi‘or power through its sites, guaranteeing success and success. Wave Infratech WAVE ONE is a professional complicated with a difference.

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