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The quick way to learn the useful Chinese phrases

by allmandarinonline

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Pick up a “Ni Hao” as I might greet a visitor at my house with a
“Hello”. Having resided in China for nearly six years, I came back to
the United States toting a beloved Chinese husband, adequately fluent to
serve as a contracted Chinese translator, and an abundantly overflowing
measure of Mandarin expressions. It is a good idea when crossing the
pond to China, hoping to make a favorable dent with the local Chinese,
that you know these nine extremely useful Mandarin Chinese phrases.

This Chinese phrase
commends one as outstanding. Believe it or not, drawing a positive
correlation between an individual and his cow (niu) acknowledges an
individual’s upstanding reputation. Yao Ming is without question niu, as
is an individual who obtains train tickets for you after they are
so-called “sold out,” or samples the baijiu alcoholic beverage that is
marketed in plastic suction containers in local markets.

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