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Colorful Chinese tree peony – A stunning garden attraction!!

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Since the time immemorial, human being have been fascinated with the nature, especially for the flora and fauna around them. And the aspiration to find more and more stunning and decorative flowers has elevated day by day. So quest your thirst for blossoms with a boon to the nature lovers. A speak of ornamental flowers is inadequate without mentioning about Chinese tree Peony. Mostly Peony flower is known as Peony Rose thanks to its rose-like structure.


Peony, the most romantic plant in the world gets its alias wrapped up by an old Greek legend. Hinged on the story, Paean was an adherent of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. Nevertheless, he arrived under the anger of Asclepius and Zeus turned him into a Peony flower as a way of rescue.


Peony shrub survives in multiple varying forms and according to an earlier estimation there could be 25-40 species available throughout the world. You can find two important classifications for it based on the way of growth and the type of flower which can be either Herbaceous form or the tree form. All those trees which grow as bushes belong to Herbaceous family and those which are growing as trees, are classified under the tree form. Due to their resemblance with roses, these are often known as "Roses without thorns". Chinese people use it enormously to reveal and convey love for each other.


Even you can use them as the Feng Shui article which can enhance field points in the location. So, grown ups, especially girls who're looking for relationship bring a few peonies around yourself to bring a 'perfect match' for you. Its ornamental beauty and near similarity to roses can make it the most desired plants for a garden.


So, if you plan to grow Peony tree, you got a great decision for your garden but before doing so, gather all possible informations about it. First and the fore mostly the ideal time for its plantation, suitable climate to survive, ideal place space for plantation, desired kind of soil and nutrients.


So, let your garden to blossom again with the stunning attraction!




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