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What Can Save From The Brutal Attacks Of The Hackers?

by anonymous

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The majority of the people who consider the computer as their basic working tool are afraid of data loss. But, not every person who has this fear in mind is actually aware of what data breach really is. Data breach is the distribution of confidential data illegally or without the consent of the owner of the data. Businessmen may suffer heavily on occurrence of data breaches which leak their business secrets. Financial loss, loss of goodwill or reputation and fines are some common losses that a business may suffer due to information leakage.

Data breach may result due to a careless act of an employee such as; losing a portable data storing device, getting his laptop theft and other similar scenarios. Another extremely ordinary type of data breach is due to the hackers’ attacks. It will be interesting to discuss that how these cyber criminals commit crime so efficiently. The cyber criminals may send an email containing a mal link that can give them access to the computer of the user on being clicked. They just send this email to thousands of random addresses and sit back and wait for their prey to fall in their plot. The email is usually very tempting that out of thousands of people, tens or hundreds will click the link.

Once the link is clicked, the remaining job becomes a piece of cake for the crooks. These criminals then dig out their desired data out of the system quite easily. To prevent such data breach, you should avoid clicking any such mal link that an alien email contain. It will be even better to use security software that can Lock Folders, so that, even if a cyber devil gets into your computer, he will not be able to get the data out. These e-crooks are actually professional criminal, so you should not do anything stupid that may cause a problem for you, your family or your property. Once you receive such email, you should consult with the relevant authorities.

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