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mortgage tips

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Mortgage Tips

 Which Can Help You

 Obtain The Right Home Loan



Obtaining a mortgage can be intimidating enough as there is so much involved in this, you will have to shop for mortgages, do all the paperwork and so much more. In the process if you forget to compare the various offers, it may prove to be problematic enough for you. So, it is better to consider all of the mortgage offers and compare those in order for you to obtain the right home loan.



Andre Brooks, a regional manager for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage said that “It’s far less complicated if you take the right steps in advance,” and went on to say that “Before people start on this journey they should spend some time preparing. The lending requirements of 2012/2013 are different than [what was necessary in] 2005 and 2006.”

Helping you obtain a mortgage


Here are some of the mortgage tips which can help you in obtaining the right mortgage you can afford to make payments on:



  1. Start shopping as early as possible – “You may need some time to restructure or reduce debt obligations to meet the qualification of the lender,”…“You may need some time to build up savings to acquire the right amount for the down Andre Brooks payment.” That is what you need to do, start as early as possible so that you can go on to get the best offer.


  1. Try getting pre-approved – As you will go on to save more and pay down debts, and check your debt to income ratio, you will also have to start shopping for home loans. It is better to get pre-approved for a loan as this quickens the process.


  1. Get to know about the closing cost – You need to consider the closing cost of a mortgage. This can help you in saving up more as the closing cost is not a part of the down payments. It is the extra cost and can vary from one state to the other. Cara Ameer, a Coldwell Banker real estate agent says that “The general rule of thumb is plan anywhere from 3% to 4% of the purchase price for closing costs.”
  2. Start collecting documents – It is important to bring together all of the information which a lender may require to approve your loan application. So, you need to start collecting these. You may require copies of your income tax returns, the W2 form and also the copies of your bank statements.


  1. Check your credit rating and score – The better your credit score, the better are going to be the offers. So, it is extremely crucial to check your credit reports and credit score. Even before you start shopping you need to check your credit report to make sure there are few or no current negative and wrong listings. If required, take your time and improve your credit score.


  1. Use a mortgage calculator – In order to compare the different offers and the cost of obtaining a mortgage, you need to use a mortgage calculator.



The above mortgage tips can help you in deciding as to which is going to be the best offer for you.

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