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People close to us pass away suddenly at some point of time. Several thousand people die all over the world, leaving behind their family, friends and well wishers to mourn for them. Some of these deaths are unfortunate and way before time, but then who wouldn’t want to live forever? In order to remember these close people we keep several memorabilia around us like photos, their diary, clothes and several other small time things that help us to remind of those people. In this respect the memorials of people at the time of their last rite ceremonies are also very important and often become the symbols to cherish for the rest of our lives.

   Therefore at the time of their deaths you can always take the help people who are professionally able to create such memorials for you with the genuine personal touch. Forever Shining is one of the best such groups based in Australia. It is a family owned company that specializes in supplying personalized designer memorials and also several architectural pieces for your memories to be saved forever in them. Their memorials cover a wide genre of style and make and can be changed, designed and made according to your demands. Some of them are:

  • Urns
  • Portraits & Motifs
  • Tombstone
  • Plaques and many others

  Let us talk about plaques. One of the oldest memorials used by people in various civilizations around the world they are indeed old time. Forever Shining has the range of most exclusive types of plaques at your service. They have plaques made from various materials of a variety of designs like:

  • Granite
  • Light transitive
  • Light reflective
  • Bronze plaque

   Also perhaps the most common thing that you would find common in every household of the world is the pictures. Portraits and frames is one of the best way to remember the people we love and capture the moments we spend with them for a lifetime. Indeed, keeping this in mind Forever Shining makes some of the most innovative and best designed portraits for you. They also use the laser technology for pictures on the marble stones.

  In a funeral monument to respect the person deceased is very part of the ceremony. The funeral monaural monument that we are talking about is the most common headstone or tombstone. They are made to cherish the memories of the person and the people close to them. The words on a headstone are written to respect the person. Headstones can be of various types:

  • Granite
  • Granite inlaid
  • Light reflecting headstone
  • Marble headstone and several more

   Pets form in important part of our life. They are perhaps the next best family after our own family and friends. Therefore, it is completely understandable that on their passing away we feel pain and grief. Forever Shining offers you some of the best pet memorials like:

  • Pet headstone
  • Pet portraits
  • Pet plaque

  So come to Forever Shining at their online page. You can design, price and place your order there. They provide delivery to different parts of the world.


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Andrew Morton, author of this article, is a renowned designer of monument as well as Melbourne cemetry headstone, who prefers to write articles on these topics too.

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