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How To Clean Your Windows Like A Professional Housekeeping S

by umaidsnj1

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Window cleaning is an important and necessary task and an inevitable part of keeping your home pretty and sparkling clean. Nobody likes dirty windows with dirt, fingerprints, stains, streaks or water spots on them, blocking their view of the outside world or blocking the beautiful, natural sunshine from flowing in. But it is an equally known fact that a lot of people don’t like cleaning their windows. Part of the reason for despising the window cleaning chore is that no matter what you use, how much time you spend in the cleaning process or what method you employ the windows never seem to be completely clean because of the streaks left behind after the washing.

Here are some tips on how to clean your windows like a professional house cleaning service would:

There is a huge variety of glass cleaning solutions available in the market from anti-bacterial, organic, non-toxic, etc. Most of them get the job of cleaning your windows like a professional housekeeping service or window cleaning service done equally well if you scrub, wipe and wash the windows correctly. So you can pick any of them according to your preference, as there isn’t much difference between them. But if you prefer a certain scent or are allergic to a particular chemical choose accordingly.

Pour your cleaning solution in a bucket or container wide enough to fit your strip applicator, scrubber or sponge. Again you can use any of these tools and get equally good results like a professional cleaner or maid. But a strip applicator or scrubber is great if you have large windows and you can use a sponge if you have smaller windows. Dip the strip applicator, scrubber or sponge in the cleaning solution and starting from the top wet the window with the cleaning solution working your way down. Now scrub the glass with your scrubber, strip applicator or sponge which will knock off all the dirt without leaving any residue. If there is any dirt left on the corners or the rims of the window, you can use a toothbrush to get the job done.

Now starting at the top left and working down, draw the squeeze across the window, pulling the soapy cleaning solution and dirt from the glass. Run the squeeze horizontally across the window from the top and curve it downwards at the end of the stroke. Using a fresh, clean, lint-free cloth like an old linen napkin or cloth diaper, wipe the squeeze’s blade dry after each pass across the window to clean your window like a professional home cleaning service. The dry squeeze will ensure that there is no dripping and no streaks form when you run your squeeze again on the window.

After you have finished squeezing the window like a professional housekeeping services or maids, wipe around the edges of the windows with a damp, wrung-dry chamois, to absorb any leftover water, cleaning solution or dirt without leaving any streaks. Then dry the windowsill with a fresh cleaning cloth. For more visit

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