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What Should You Do If Your Condom Splits?

by evamarisha

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Though most of the adult DVDs are not going to show you how to perform sex with a condom, but condom is very important for a secure as well as safe sex! I do not know whether you have seen any condom uses in the adult movies or not, I have not seen ever! However, I am going to share you what should you do if your condom splits!

Condoms - A technique of contraception stops unexpected pregnancies but is the one reliable solution to protect versus sexually fed diseases as well as infections. Sixty they could split while having sex so what should you do should this happen to a person. First in place don’t worry - follow this advice!

The pitfalls – If your current condom breaks, even prior to ejaculation, Sex just isn't regarded as safe. This liquid secreted throughout foreplay consists of sperm along with contaminating viruses, so the danger of maternity and STDs is incredibly real.

Restriction the pitfalls of STDs

Stay away from products to clean your vagina: hot water is sufficient. Washing are not able to prevent a person from catching STDs however it can reduce the pitfalls. If blood vessels, sperm as well as vaginal fluid enter into hitting the ground with an open up cut, disinfect it with alcohol. If you have a chance of toxic contamination, go with a clinic as well as doctor pertaining to testing and treatment. You should also get tested for HIV over the 2 weeks adopting the incident. Do the particular test once more after 3 or 4 months to possibly be hundred percent sure that you are not affected by HIV virus!

Avoid Pregnancy

In order to prevent the unwanted carrying a child, you don’t have a choice: you need to take the actual morning immediately after pill (up to seventy two hours after intercourse, but when possible within 12 hours in order that it will be effective). Moring after product is urgent situation contraception and is available in chemists without prescription. It is free for minors coming from a GP or even family planning clinic.

What Should You Avoid To Reduce The Possibility of Possible Risks!

  • Don’t employ your teeth, scissors or even sharp objects to start the bundle.
  • Be careful using your fingernails while unrolling and sporting the condom.
  • While unrolling the actual condom onto his male organ, squeeze the end to reduce air bubbles which often can cause it to burst.
  • Use a water-based lubricant about the condom. This helps prevent getting.
  • Choose the suitable size condom. If it’s too big, it's more likely to split.
  • If you are still worried speak to your doctor or check out a walk within health middle.

If you want to perform the safest sex, then you have to be careful to make your sexual life healthier. Watch adult DVDs to learn more about sex. When you will perform the latest sex techniques, it will give you pleasure. But never forget to care about the safety issues for a healthy sexual life.

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