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What role does a liaisoning party play?

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Liaisoning facilitates trust between the two parties. One party involved is the owner (interested in selling) and the other party is the purchaser (or investor). A mediating party provides liaison service. The liaison party must be an expert in the legal domain. It must have established associations with various government agencies and departments in order to be able to undertake liaisoning service.

A number of fraudulent cases have come up these days where people involved in purchasing or investing are duped of their hard-earned money. Either the property owner is a fraud or the property is trapped among diverse licenses and clearances issues. In such cases, the buying experience becomes a pathetic tale of running around the court and legal experts. A number of dedicated organsations have come up with sole responsibility to sail out such innocent people. They are a group of legal experts and professionals who have the complete knowledge of different types of critical issues related to a property. They verify all legal aspects and concerns associated with the property.

Any purchasing party can approach liaisoning agency and the agency can validate authentications of the relevant documents and registrations of the property. Thus, the agency provides with all the necessary assistance for statutory and legal compliance issues related to the property. It undertakes all the business commencements approvals, if the need be. It also takes care of all the registrations related to sales tax/VAT/excise tax. There are separate licenses if the purchasing/investing party is a foreign party. A eating-house needs a long list of approvals and licenses.

However, what if the concerned property is meant for a retail store! The liaisoning party carries out all the financial planning and budgeting, location survey and identification and lease terms & condition negotiations. It can even appoint contactors and architects for project management and finalization. It also helps you attain various business and trade licenses or get registration for shop establishments.

Realty projects are another complicated affair that sings its own tune. The liaisoning agency gives you any assistance from consulting to procuring all the revenue department works. It engages in securing land NOC’s from tehsildars, district collectrates, zonal or warehouse officers. This ensures that the land is undisputed. However, that is not the end of road. There are more turns and twists with a number of government NOC’s involved. Once the land concerns are satisfied, there are operational issues that need approval from Pollution Control Board, Municipal department, Water & Sewerage & Electricity connections.

Thus, procuring a land or business is not a hasty but a watchful decision. It would always be an intelligent decision to get assistance from subject-matter expert. gives you complete & accurate legal verification report. We also provides Property Document Verification, home loan guidance, legal verification for documents, Liaisoning Services in India & all over the world. For more information please visit at

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