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Top 8 Tools Used by DotNet Developers

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Many developers use Microsoft .Net framework to avail a number of advantages including multiple language interoperability and a large library. But a web application developer also needs a set of customized tools improve the performance of his web application. Some of these tools are free and open source, whereas others are licensed and require users to pay some fees.

However, each .Net developer has options to choose from a variety of tools to easily design, test and deploy powerful web applications without putting any extra time and effort. If you are planning to migrate to Microsoft .Net platform, it is a good idea to understand some of the most popular tools used by DotNet programmers.

8 Widely Used Microsoft .Net Framework Tools

1. WebMatrix: Microsoft has launched the free web app development tool to allow programmers to develop interactive, engaging websites within a very short span of time. Along with a set of built-in web templates, WebMatrix also comes with smart features to write code on your own or to avail the advantages of open source web applications. But the simple and free tool will surely save a huge amount of time.

2. Visual Studio Express: Along with streamlined interfaces, the tool is also designed with a set of free and basic products. Its core capabilities make it easier for you to build robust web applications by targeting a single platform. Once you decide the web app development platform, you can download, use the customize tool to make coding more enjoyable.

3. SharpDevelop: As an open source and free IDE, SharpDevelop is widely used by .Net programmers. You can use the IDE for C#, VB.Net, Boo and other projects that are developed based on Microsoft .Net framework. As the IDE is open source, a developer has options to down load the source code as well as executables from the same website.

4. Storm Codeplex: As a free and open source tool, STORM is used by .Net developers to test web services. You can use the tool to test web services written using Java, .Net and other technologies. At the same time, the tool also enables programmers to invoke a variety of web services dynamically, regardless of the required complex data types and input parameters. Also, you can test multiple web services within a single UI, along with editing or manipulating the raw soap requests.

5. JustDecompile: If you are looking for an advanced tool to easily decompile and browse .Net assemblies, JustDecompile is the right tool to suit your needs. The free developer productivity tool is developed with a set of advanced features that allow you to decompile code simply by clicking on a button. The action further enables you to explore and evaluate the compiled .Net assemblies without putting any extra effort.

6. Nu Get: Often developers explore convenient ways to enhance the user experience by adding, removing and updating tools and libraries in their Visual Studio project. If you are looking for simple options to manipulate libraries and tools, then you can consider using Nu Get as a Visual Studio extension. It makes it easier for programmers to use existing NuGet packages as well as create new packages through specific documentation.

7. CodeInject: Normally, .Net programmers have to write longer code to inject additional code into any managed assembly. However, they have to put some extra effort to ensure that the code is injected properly by disassembling and recompiling the managed assembly. But you can simply use the CodeInject to avoid the disassembling and recompilation required after injecting code. Further, the tool makes it easier for you to inject additional code in single or multiple methods regardless of the number of assemblies.

8. SoapUI: As an open source functional testing tool, SoapUI is hugely popular among .Net developers residing in various parts of the world. The tool makes it much easier and convenient for them to test different types of web services. It also supports a wide array of protocols including HTTP, SOAP, JDBC, REST, AMF and JMS. The tool helps developers to quickly create advanced performance test along with running a several types of automated functional tests.

In addition to these popular tools commonly use by .Net developers, you can also consider using the customized tools offered by Microsoft. While planning .Net application development projects, you must evaluate the available tools, and choose the options that will make save you time and effort, while contributing towards making the web application more powerful and popular.

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