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Why A Massage in San Diego Rubs Some People the Wrong Way

by steladimitrov

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Whether sitting down or lying on your back, there’s no better way to bliss out than through a good massage. In California, this touch therapy has gained so much following as proven by the abundance of spas and massage facilities in the state. There are people, though, who have reservations about getting a massage in San Diegobut not because they doubt its health benefits. For them, a massage session can be embarrassing especially when awkward incidents arise.

A common situation is whether or not to keep underwear on. Typically, this is upon the client’s discretion but you can also ask the therapist. If the problem area is the lower back, a bikini-style underwear or thongs, or no underwear is ideal. The therapist can better work on the painful part without constricting undergarments.

Another concern is the need to strike up a conversation with the therapist during the massage. Again, this is up to the client. Unless the attendant is performing a specialized technique and has to ask about the degree of pressure, there's no need to engage in friendly talk. Just relax and enjoy the service; it's what you came in for.

As in other services, there is also the issue of tipping. Good etiquette dictates the standard 15 to 20 percent tip if you are in a beauty center with a spa and hair salon in San Diegothat offers a complete pampering experience. It's the opposite for a medical facility. You can instead show gratitude by referring your therapist to family members and friends.

For men, a massage can be a source of embarrassment because the touch leaves them with a sensual feeling. This is a normal since a touch does affect the parasympathetic nervous system of males. Professional massage therapists are used to this physical reaction, and go on with the session.

One more reason some people are wary about massages is they don't feel comfortable when other people see their scars, stretch marks and other skin and body imperfections. However, this should not be an issue because they can always cover up when they want to, or opt for a massage technique that does not require taking off clothes like a Thai massage or shiatsu. For more information about this topic, visit

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