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Stop, Listen, and Fix: When to Have Auto Repair in Lansing

by basilglenn

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In Lansing, the luxurious Lexus car is one of the residents' preferred modes of transportation. Lexus vehicles are built to exacting standards that follow the principles of aerodynamics, ergonomics and good design. These elegant machines will serve you well whether you're going to one of Lansing's various farmer's markets or to a play staged in a grand theater in the area: driving a Lexus can provide the sense of comfort and security that you look for in a car.

Despite the many stunning qualities of Lexus automobiles, they are susceptible to damage brought about by everyday wear and tear, overuse, neglect, or other external factors. Car owners should know when their beloved Lexus vehicle needs to be taken to a Lansing auto repair center. The various sounds made by your car can clue you in on possible problems:

Take a “Brake”

A squealing or screeching sound every time you put pressure on the brakes is a sign that your brake pads or rotors need to be replaced. Worn brake hardware might be preventing the pads from being released properly, resulting in excessive heat and noise. Grinding sounds, on the other hand, might mean that something (possibly brake calipers or pistons) is rubbing against the brake rotors.

Dive Under

A faulty exhaust system can produce loud sounds that can be heard coming from underneath the car. Exhaust problems may be caused by loose pipes, corroded pipe sections, or a broken muffler. Experts in auto repair in Lansing can administer the necessary repairs or replace the aforementioned components, if needed. It is important to carefully observe the car's exhaust system as it directly affects the engine's power and performance.

Check Under the Hood

If you start the car and hear a squealing noise, then there is reason to be alarmed. This annoying sound may be caused by a worn and slipping drive belt. If left unattended, the defective car belt may lead to the loss of power steering, the charging system, and the engine cooling system. Driving with a broken car belt raises the chance of overheating and extensive engine damage.

No matter how glamorous your car may be, you have to make sure that every component is in good working condition. For more signs that your car is in dire need of professional help, go to

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