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Two Elements of Business Continuity Planning

by rubybadcoe

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The very fact that Los Angeles sits on the San Andreas Fault compels most local resident to prepare for massive earthquakes. Smart business owners in LA thus regularly undertake business continuity planning (BCP) activities to ensure employee safety and uninterrupted business operations in the event of a major disaster like an earthquake. An effective BCP takes into account all aspects, particularly personnel and data.

When it comes to data protection, companies must observe efficient record management practices to secure hard copies and electronic files at all times. After all, in the event of a power outage during an earthquake, where computers are likely to shut down without notice, the loss of digital data is very likely. When this happens, companies typically call on the services of Los Angeles data recovery specialists.

Data recovery typically takes into account every office equipment that contains valuable data, including servers, desktop computers, and company-issued laptops. Essential data can be recovered with a few simple steps, as most applications luckily now have built-in recovery features. In cases where data can't be retrieved right away, the use of data recovery software is recommended.

Businesses now have a wide range of data recovery software options with unique features. For instance, some programs make it possible to retrieve data from a computer drive that crashed and became unbootable. In any case, data recovery instructions should be followed down to the last detail; otherwise, the desired results won't be achieved.

Apart from a robust Los Angeles data recovery strategy, a BCP is incomplete without a data backup plan. Devices like CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, and flash disks may all be used for saving data. Online file storage systems supervised by third-party data management firms may also be of great benefit in the event of a disaster, since businesses can easily access the data they need through the Internet and thereby minimize operational disruptions when calamity strikes.

It may not be entirely possible to avoid earthquakes and other natural calamities, but one can at least prepare for these things. With sensible BCP measures in place, companies can remain “open for business” despite any adverse condition. For more information, visit

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