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Resveratrol- the new wonder drug

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Resveratrol – a word which is much discussed among the scientists for various reasons, gives a lot of insight. Earlier it was solely referred as a compound with negative effects. Though few still believe that its dangerous which might not be completely baseless. But recently after many research and study scientists came with revealing facts which proves resveratrol helps in keeping your heart healthy. It is mostly used now-a-days for treatment of Cancer, Dementia and other age-related diseases.


Resveratrol,referred as 'Res' is a non-flavonoid polyphenolcompound. Natural resveratrol exists in many plants, mainly found in grapes(red wine), Polygonum cuspidatum, peanut, mulberry and other plants. It is atype ofantitoxic substance which resists the invasion of bacteria.


Resveratrolis one of the active ingredients in someherbal treatmentsof inflammation, lipid metabolism disorders andheart disease. With thein-depth studyonresveratrol, it has been discovered that Reshas anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as prevention offood allergiesand other properties. All these positivity and helpful wonders of Res has lead to the increase in its usage and popularity. It is now widelyused in medicine,health care products, foods, cosmetics and in other fields. It also plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular diseases such as anti-atherosclerosis and coronary heart diseases.


The properties doesn't end here rather there are more effective results of resveratrol. By restraining platelet aggregation, Res promotes fibrinolysis and anti-thrombosis. If utilized properly it inhibits endothelial cell proliferation and protects the vascular endothelium simultaneously. It has been proved that Res also not only regulates blood lipids but prevents Anti-leukocyte and Anti-LEDL-oxidation function. It creates a protection for vascular smooth muscle cells and inhibits their proliferation.


It might be really tempting to start on Res on your own however its advisable to consult a physician before considering the use of Resveratrol. Its necessary to understand the concentration of intake for this drug which can easily be suggested or prescribed by your doctor. But it is known that Res is present as an anti-oxidant in red wine. One doesn't have to depend on the medication or drugs to benefit from Res. Even though alcohol is not advisable as too much of it is harmful still it cannot be denied that antioxidants such as flavonoids or resveratrol have heart-healthy benefits.


Taken with proper consultation, this drug can help solve health-boggling issues. But it should not be taken recklessly, neither the drug nor the red wine. The benefits of this drug-Resveratrol are currently getting discovered. It can be considered as a wonder drug for its numerous properties.



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