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What Is A Short Scar Facelift?

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A lot of Houstonians turn to a traditional facelift procedure for the removal of wrinkles and fine lines to gain a more youthful look. There are many benefits from normal facelift surgery, but it is an extensive surgery and requires significant recovery time. There is an alternative procedure that delivers a similar outcome but with minimal intrusion. It is called a short scar facelift. It offers excellent results, and the surgery only lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The incisions are small and nearly invisible. The procedure will help younger patients keep their young look longer, and older patients achieve a more youthful appearance.


What are the advantages of a short scar facelift?


There are many benefits linked to a short scar facelift in Houston, including fewer external scars, no altering of the hairline, and very little risk of damage to the motor nerves in the face. It lifts up the mid face providing a more youthful look. The procedure is of relatively short duration, lasting between one and two hours. Performed using a local anesthetic so you do not have to “go under”. The recovery period is fairly short, approximately ten days, and most importantly the results are natural looking, avoiding the “pinched” look.


Who can have the procedure?


The ideal candidate for this type of procedure will be someone that desires a youthful appearance, who does not smoke, and is free of any health issues or medical conditions that might prohibit the surgery or impact the results of the procedure.


How it works


The short scar facelift uses smaller incisions than the traditional facelift. The incision is made in front of the ear and around the sideburn. The skin is not fully detached and moved; rather the muscles and tissues under the skin are repositioned. The skin on the face is pulled upward, not up and back as with a traditional facelift. This technique causes less bruising, so as a result, the recovery period is greatly reduced. Patients can go home on the same day of the surgery. Any pain can be controlled with medication. Bruising and swelling may occur but will fade. The incision scars will heal and be essentially invisible.


If you are interested in the surgery, do some research on cosmetic surgeons to find one that performs the procedure. Ask your health care practitioner for a recommendation for a short scar facelift plastic surgeon. Make sure that they are board certified and that they have the appropriate experience. Schedule a consultation to see how the surgeon relates to you, how much patience they have, and their willingness to answer questions and empathize with you.


Once you have selected a Houston short scar facelift surgeon, and they have determined that you are a good candidate for the procedure, they will discuss the benefits of the surgery as well as the potential complications in detail. They can show you before and after photos that will help you have realistic expectations of the outcome of the procedure.

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