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Contractors For SealCoating Indianapolis Follow A Series

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For seal coating Indianapolis contractors follow a certain mix for sealers that are applied in a sequence of small jobs to ensure efficient application and drying process.

Seal coating is like sun block. Asphalt is an aggregate mixture of small stones, fillers or sand and 4-12% asphalt binder. This binder which is asphalt cement needs protection from degradation. The binder is corrosive affected by moisture traffic overload and UV rays. The application of seal coat over the asphalt every 3-6 years creates a protective barrier on asphalt layer which doubles the life of asphalt and prevents costly repairs. Ideally pavement should be sealed immediately after curing in 6 months time. Seal coating is applied under the sun when the temperature is above 15 degrees. The length of time seal coats last depend on traffic, combination of sand and salt applied on the roads in winter, the exposure to sun or lying in the shade and the amount of water that runs over it. Indianapolis contractors apply seal coat layer on asphalt paving work.

Seal coat pavement is primarily done to prevent surface deterioration from water and sun. Under constant effects of sun, wind and water asphalt surface oxidizes and hardens that makes it brittle. The temperature fluctuations and exposure to running traffic cracks the surface that adds up in time making crocodile cracks. Seal coating combats this by providing a water proof membrane to slow down the oxidation process and prevents water from seeping into the base material. Seal coating improves resistance to surface friction from running traffic. Constant wear and tear of tires and wheels of cars and trucks lead to raveling. The seal coat improves pavement texture and increases friction properties.

Undiluted or refined coal tar based sealers are supplied as concentrates. Before application mixing water additives and silica in right quantities is needed to ensure right consistency. Clean and potable water without any suspended solids and metals contaminations is added for fluidity of the mix. The sand should be of uniform texture with no streaking. Sand is added to hide surface defects, improve traction and skid resistance. Rubber latex based additives are added to boost the property. The coating is to be applied at least 2 coats to allow the sealer to penetrate the new aggregates. Sealers are avoided in rain, snow, hot and cold surfaces. It is better not applied over 90 degrees and below 40 degrees.

The optimum temperature for applying sealcoating indianapolis is 50 degrees and rising. The final coat should be allowed to dry for minimum 8 hours in daylight under the sun before opening to traffic. The applicant equipment should be applied evenly throughout the surface. Squeegee brushes are used for major application with hand brushes for hard to reach places. In Indianapolis like all other contractors the process followed for seal coating application is to check the weather forecast, barricade the area of application, general cleaning of the surface including oil spots, seal coat the surface, & to check for missed spots, & to allow drying of the sealer.

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