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Is USB Flash Drive a Perfect Storage Tool??

by anonymous

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USB flash drives have brought revolution in the world portable storage drives. USB flash drives are also known as thumb drive, pen drive, key drive or jump drive. All these names are given to his device due to its small size and portability. USB thumb drive is an excellent source of transferring and carrying data from one place to another. Whether you have to transfer important documents or any fun media files, it is the best source to do the task. Having such a mini size, still these USB drives have an amazing capacity of storage. A USB pen drive can be from some MBs to 32 GBs, having a normal USB drive of 1GB can save more data than a Compact Disk (CD).

One of the better things about USB flash drives is that it is extremely affordable. USB drives are reusable as many times as you want, not like other portable drives like CDs or DVDs which can be written for a specific number of times. The pen drives are completely compatible to work on a PC as well as the MAC. They are easy to use, no complexities in saving data on USB drives, just drag and drop feature will do the trick. On the other hand saving data on CDs or floppy drives was quite complicated. No special ports, software or any other kind of installation is required to transfer data in the thumb drive. The USB drive is not prone to be easily damaged as CDs and DVDs. USB flash drives are far more energy efficient as compared to the traditional hard drives. They have no parts in motion while they are working and light and small parts also help their convenience.

USB drives are extremely feasible for carrying data. It has enabled the user to access its data from anywhere in the globe by just plugging in the USB flash drives. USB drives were not useful in the first two years after its introduction to the world. The portable drive got a boost when Microsoft introduced the Windows operating System. The introduction of Windows proven a turning point for USB thumb drives; it gave the storage device a new life. Ever since, USB pen drive has ruled the world of portable devices very easily. It has destroyed the existence of floppy disks that could save hardly any piece information and was extremely sensitive.

There is no difference of opinion regarding that USB flash drive is the champion of the portable storage devices. But, where USB drives are facilitating their user big time, they are the devices that are prone to data breach the most. Every year thousands of employees lost or get their USB flash drives stolen that contained some personal or important records. The biggest reason of losing USB drives in such a big number is due to its amazingly small volume. These losses and thefts of the portable drives many times result in data leakage. Using security software that cans Secure USB, it can be a remedy to avoid such data breaches. People cannot quit using this wonderful storage drive, so, they must take some precautions to prevent themselves from any kind of loss.

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