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Tape and Disk Based Storage Backup System – Spotting the Dif

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For gaining a competitive edge and for optimum business security backup data storage system should not be overlooked by any businesses. Now backup storage mediums can be of several types and for the business owner, especially for the small and medium business owners it is a dilemma to choose the suitable storage medium. The most common two types that are mostly practiced in this regard are: tape base backup storage and disk based backup storage. This article is intended to draw the difference between the two and to find out the most suitable one for the business data storage. Not only cost-efficient, but superior and robust technology is important for safeguarding the important business data.

Tape backup technology is recognized as the most reliable and economical method of storing data. It has a significantly lower operating and acquisition costs. The backup style format offers 75% savings initially and over the last 5 years, the cost of such data backup storage has been reduced by 7 times to its original cost, which is definitely most attractive part of this kind of storage system. No wonder, for startup businesses, it has become a boon, as with such a low cost business unit can enjoy seamless data backup system and can experience optimum business growth through smooth data management.

On the other hand, with the advent of technology, advancements in the magnetic disk recording system have also been observed. Most importantly, it was a floppy disk to start with, which used to provide 1.44 MB and now the market is filled with even 1 TB devices. Data backup in the magnetic disks is a common way of storing of electronic data. It is hassle free to use and easily compatible with the regular computer system. As a result, such data storage system is mostly desired by the buyers of these days. However, the problem is storing data on magnetic disks is not a secure option. Data stored in such devices are vulnerable for both physical and virtual damages. Though the physical part can be removed through robust technology, but enhancing virtual security of data is a problem indeed.

IBM is a leading company which offers flawless tape storage backup technology. In fact, the company is a pioneer in this field as it invented or introduced the first ever tape storage technology, back in 1952. Since then, it has served many business units with seamless data storage and backup services through the integration of its tape storage system.

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