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Get your professional flagpole installation done today

by irmagreer

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Some homeowners decide to raise a flagpole outside of the house on a whim. Individuals who are managing a commercial property do not have this luxury. Additions to a commercial property need to be carefully planned and executed so that they do not harm employees, customers or the grounds. This means it is necessary to hire professionals to perform a commercial flagpole installation. The installation process can take one of several forms depending on many factors.

Ground Sleeve

A ground sleeve is one of the most common types of commercial flagpole installation techniques. This involves digging a hole in the ground to a certain depth determined by the height of the flagpole. The hole can then be reinforced with concrete, tamped sand or another substance. The sleeve is inserted into the ground sometimes with sealant to prevent problems with moisture. This type of installation can support the largest commercial flagpoles. It also provides a high level of stability. The only restriction is that professional installers must be able to dig into the ground at the installation site to establish the foundation.

Mandrel Mount

A mandrel mount is a type of commercial flagpole installation that is used in cases where it is impossible to dig into the ground to create a foundation. The mount consists of a wide bottom plate that has a metal cylinder rising up in the center. Commercial flagpoles fit over top of the cylinder. The bottom plate is secured to the ground with long bolts. This type of mount can support very tall poles on strong surfaces like concrete or metal. The flagpole receives extra support from gussets on the base of the mount.

Shoe Base

A shoe base is the smallest type of commercial flagpole installation system. The shoe base is simply a small metal square with a hole in the center reinforced by gussets. The base is not as wide as a mandrel mount. The hole is just wide enough to accept the base of a flagpole. The shoe base is bolted directly into the ground at four points. This type of installation is commonly seen on surfaces without a large amount of depth. This includes rooftops and wooden decks. The shoe base cannot accept larger commercial flagpoles.

Angled or Vertical Mounts

The final type of installation is for flags mounted to the side of a commercial building. Angled mounts have a flat plate with a hollow holder for the flag extending out from the wall at a specific angle. A vertical mount uses a lower holder for the bottom of the flagpole and one or more cylinders along the length of the pole to stabilize the installation. Both types require professional installers to firmly bolt the mounts to the exterior walls.

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