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Food Review of The Boiler Room Dallas Management

by lisa11301993

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Food Review of The Boiler Room Dallas Management

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As self-proclaimed food critiques, me and my girlfriend do a lot of dining form restaurants to

restaurants just so we could try their menus.  We love to eat, we love food and of all the

restaurants we dined at, we have fallen in love to one and it is no other than The Boiler Room

located in the heart of Deep Ellum in Dallas.

 Wednesday night we decided to have a dinner date at The Boiler Room.  It was our first time

there and I am glad we have decided to dine there because in fact boiler room was not an

option.  The place wasn’t in the list because it is a music venue although they also serve food.

 We were there at exactly 8 p.m.  There were a lot of people when we got in but there were

still plenty of seats which a plus point for me.  We were seated at a smaller table because it

was just me and my boyfriend in the right corner side of the room.  They have daily specials

and then a regular menu with appetizers, sliders, sandwiches, and entrees.  They have a

pretty good menu selection.

 Both of us ordered sliders.  What I like most is that you can mix and match and order either

two or three.  Girlfriend went with the chicken fried steak sliders with fries.  It has a patty of

chicken fried steak, creamy gravy, and a dollop of mashed potatoes.  And mine was two of the

chicken fried steak sliders and then one bacon ranch chicken slider.

We also ordered the veggie wrap; it comes with sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and

cheese. The ingredients were drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette and wrapped up in a flour

tortilla.  The wrap was accompanied by potato chips and a small fruit salad.  And can you

believe it, this only costs $6.50!  The dressing was well-proportioned and all of the ingredients

were fresh and crisp, just the way we both like it.

Because we both ordered sliders, we had many options and the mix and match were all great. 

You also have the option of adding sweet potato fries.

My chicken salad slider was first-class; I just love how they prepared them.  My chicken fried

steak slider was at its finest!  Maybe the best I ever had.  The spoonful of taters did make it

feel like going back for more; the mashers were excellent.

We ordered the apple pie dessert, only to find they were out of that so I was a bit

disappointed because they also said it was the best there.

All in all, the experience was great, the foods were splendid, the service was superb and the

waiting time was okay.  I can obviously say I will make a return visit. Prices were great.

Service was decent.  Foods are impressive and we just love this place!

Food Review of The Boiler Room Dallas Management


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