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AB Environmental Corp. Environmental Services

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Remediation Services NYC:


Remediation Services NYCprovides a wide-ranging service for the cleanup of sites and conveniencespolluted by dangerous materials. They are general contractors. These people are here to enter the environmental cleanup business and selects as the principal contractor for remediation work in the New York.

Remediation Services NYCdesigns and implement by the experienced personnel to fit the bestneeds of the customer and the environment. Their staff has awidespread track record that provide a variety of environmental services to major oil companies, business, assurance companies, governmental agencies, utility companies, and large business and small businesses.

They maintain a well-rounded staff of professionals in providing hydrogeological, engineering and contracting services. In addition to serving the private sector, the Remediation Services NYChas consistently been awarded a contract in performing environmental valuation and remedial services for various State of New York. These people have some agencies including the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), State Thruway Authority, Office of General Services and Department of Parks and Recreation.

They perform work for the various State agencies thatinclude services essential forefficientlyconsider and lessen environmental obligationsthat are associated with the release of petroleum and hazardous substances. The prescribed relationship between New York State and Remediation Services NYC has been ongoing since years. Currently, they hold Best Value status to achieve subsurface inspective and helpfulfor response services for the New York State.

They currently perform environmental checking and remedial services at a diversity of sites that are located in New York. Remediation Services NYChas varied experience and arein-house professional proficiencieshelps the company successfully challenge large and complex projects, while their size ensures their clients an extraordinary level of individual attention.

In all cases the focus of Remediation Services NYCefforts they has been upon development of a concrete, cost-effective and maintenance-conscious design that meets the clients’ requirements. Their personnel outrival in the design of corrective technologies that include:

  • Groundwater Extraction
  • Treatment for Source Control and Containment
  • Free Product Take back
  • Total Fluid Extraction Air Sparing
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Enhanced Biochemical Degradation
  • Bioremediation
  • Chemical Oxidation
  • Vapor Intrusion Modification

A variety of remediation technologies are available in addressing subsurface impurity, including free product recovery, soil venting, air economical, groundwater recovery and treatment, advanced oxidation, and in sitbioremediation.

These technologies address infectionspreadin between free, adsorbed, and meltedstages in both the unsaturated and saturated zones.

Selecting an appropriate technology is reliant on on a number of factors that includes contaminants, site-specific features, clean-up goals, technology possibility, cost and supervisory and time necessities. 

Remediation Services NYCprovides expert guide us during the process of choosing the most suitableeducative response, implementing the solution and procurementof site closure status from all governingactivities.The Remedial systems generally involves in the process that designed to remove pollutants from soil, water or the air at a property that veteran a release of petroleum, cleaners, heavy metals or other chemical.  Many remedial systems include subsurface collection or dispersal piping attached to the pumps, blowers or vacuums located at the surface. 

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