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One's Safety Is at One's Hands

by anonymous

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Safety is the prime concern of every living being. If we are safe then there is nothing in this world that one cannot achieve. What does one gets being bed-ridden; sympathy, laziness and terms that asks for forgiveness? These all are fake terms that just require divided attention. You know who are these people? They are those people who are insecure about themselves. They do not feel comfortable being with themselves too. Though the world is with them, they feel a sense of loneliness. Such types of people are not happy with them too and feel that the world is their enemy.

It is not the reality that the world is their enemy but they feel it that way. I remember one story of my close friend who used to take his life like this. Though everybody used to support him, he used to feel lonely inside him. Nobody knew the reason of his unhappiness. Everything that he used to do, did not ever reach to its final destination. Whether it is the matter of handling his personal expenses or it was about his own safety.

I still recall that horrifying incident that should not ever happen to anyone. One fine morning, when I woke up, I did not find my friend sleeping beside me; who a night before was there with me. We had taken a day from our office so that we could relax from the stress, at least for two to three days. Thus, we took our bike and ride all the way through hills. When, I did not find him, beside me, I was much worried. I took my bike and went to search for him. I was worried that whether in stress, he would try to jump off the speed breakers.

As, he was not in his senses already, I feared. On the way, while following him, I found that the metro construction barrier that was placed on the road had been squeezed like an empty sauce bottle. I feared whether my friend was the one who did it. But, I could not see him lying nearby. Later, after following for two hours, I found him lying beside the same barrier. Earlier, I could not find him as he had been covered with the debris.

When, I asked the people working near the construction premises, they interpreted that, this young guy was overtaking another vehicle and was not following the plastic safety barriers that was on the roads. We shouted from the back but this angry young man did not listen. Please don't drive when you are in stress.

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