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Abortion’s Hold in the Society

by jonesmichelle08

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Is there a way to eliminate the stigma attached to abortion clinics? Like a hundred percent? From everybody’s mentality? We can only hope. But I am afraid our There is always hostility (even if from a minority) when the topic is about abortion or abortion clinics. And just when pro-choice activists think that anti-abortion activists have lied low, another ethical issue against abortion rises up and the wars and debates and accusations come resurfacing again. You know what? Bashes against abortion is normal. There will probably have negative attacks that will bombard this matter in the future.

But no worries, my friend. If you are a pro-choice activist, I believe this is still not a time to panic. There were several issues against abortion before, but the thing is a tough cookie. It is still up and still has a strong impression on the American women--young or old, rich or poor. Ti does not matter if they know Kim Kardashian or not. What matters is that they know that once their pregnancy is something they do not want to take responsibility for, they always have the choice to get rid of it. To some this may seem inhuman and unethical. But to most people, this is a very viable option.

You cannot possibly fathom the effect of abortion to the women who need it unless you identify with them. For all we know, you can be a woman yourself and still protest against this "sorry excuse for a choice." I believe those words might be close to what you often say. For all we know, you can be a male and still support the cause that pro-choice advocates try to uphold to the doubting society. You can be anyone. We really do not know who are the people reading these articles. They can be sympathizers. They can be judging hell and damnation while reading this.

You can be either one of these people. But the thing is that this unending controversy will not kill abortion. Yes, continued, issues and conflicts and arguments can impair it. Several regulations can be once again added to the long list of law regulating abortion. Some abortion providers may find some regulations out of their reach and may be forced to shut down. But we will find that antis cannot completely annihilate abortion. Even with controversy after controversy, we still find it thriving in our society. In the future, if it will ever be deemed illegal in America, it will still continue to operate--underground, like in most countries where abortion is considered a crime.

Why is that? Well, maybe because everybody, especially women, have been more than familiar with the said concept. When a country that has legalized abortion for the past several decades suddenly orders it to be illegal, it has to expect protests and petitions from left to right--mostly coming from women's rights and pro-choice advocates. This is not a dramatic sentiment. This is an observation. That is why, for now, there is no use wasting effort debating over an issue that has a strong hold in the society it permeates.

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