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Carbon 29er Wheels Vs 26er Wheels

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One of the latest trends in mountain bikes is the 29” wheels instead of the regular 26”. Let us look into whether you should go for a carbon 29er wheel or stick to the 26”wheels.

 Traction:

Carbon 29er wheels offer longer contact patch with the surface because of its bigger radius. The situations where grip becomes an issue, these wheels come to rescue.

 Bumps:

Carbon 29er wheels place the axle higher that offers a better roll over angle compared to the 26”wheels. Since the wheels are capable of riding bumps well, a trade off can be made by using shorter travel suspension.

 Weight:

Weight of the 29er wheels and the frames are more than the 26”wheels. Rims are larger in circumference, spokes are longer, the forks and frames have also been modified to fit the large sized wheels. The chain stays and fork legs are generally longer, which contributes to the overall weight of the wheel.

 Acceleration:

Bigger mass of the wheels results in lager rotational inertia. The wheels thus do not decelerate on braking or accelerate easily. Riders find the wheels more suitable for open rough surfaces.

 Climbing:

Combining the bump roll over talents and the longer contact patch of 29er, it offers a unique climbing experience if the rider maintains momentum. In case you slow down, these wheels feel heavier compared to the 26” wheels.

 Descending:

You will have a wonderful riding experience while descending down. Combination of a great roll over ability, traction, and stability offers a bonus especially over the bumps. The wheels get knocked off far less compared to the 26” wheels.

 Braking:

If you are riding on 29er wheels, you need to squeeze tighter and run stronger brakes. The wheels dissipate heat better and you can feel a better grip on the ground.

 Aerodynamics:

Aero is hardly an issue when you are riding a mountain bike. Wheel size hardly matters with the upright sitting position and fat tires.

 Gearing:

You travel further with every single rotation due to the larger circumference of the wheels. Thus a carbon 29er wheel is geared higher than 26er. It is important that you be careful while picking the gear set that will suit you, while upgrading from a 26er to a 29er.

So, if you are looking for a bike with a rocket speed, the 29er is the best option for you. This is the reason why many hardtails and bikes with short travel suspensions come with 29er options. The entry level bikers, who are not that aggressive in their riding styles, shall definitely enjoy riding a carbon 29er. Riders won't have to worry much about the bumps or the loose climbs. So, if you are looking for something less demanding and less technical, you must go for a 29er and enjoy your ride to the fullest.

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