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Planning a 70’s Themed Wedding Party!

by JustinBrice

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When we think of the 1970’s, most of us wish to have been born then! Known as a fantastic era for music, fashion and carefree attitude, a wedding is a perfect occasion to bring back this fun era!
While planning a 70’s style wedding, think world peace, Saturday night fever, Elvis, VW vans and flower power!
What will you Wear?
Planning a 70’s themed wedding means polyester tuxedos, ruffled shirts, cumber bunds, bow ties and flared trousers. Plan theme specific attires for the bridesmaids complete with puffy sleeves, high collars, laces and frills.
You can even ask your guests to dress in accordance with the theme. Floppy hats, ribbons, and hair done up in pouffy up styles makes for a great look! While planning your attire for a 70s themed wedding party choose colours such as mint green, cream, lavender and powder blue. If you are ambitious enough, tie die prints can also help enhance your 70’s look.
You can even ask your guests to dress up as their favourite character from the 70’s. Go to the wedding as a member of the Bee Gees, the Beatles or your favourite character from Saturday Night Fever or Grease.
Planning the Event
Considered that the 70’s was a generation of fighting for world peace and a range of other causes, you can consider planning the event around various icons the generation is famous for.
1. There are a number of choices available when it comes to designing a wedding invite. Pick from a tie die print, to a floral design or something that comes with polka dots. You can also have baby oak trees hand delivered to your guests along with the invitation. This unique invitation idea can represent blessings of strength, love and growth for the new couple.
2. Your décor can be reminiscent of the pop art, polka dots, flowers and colours that the generation has been so famous for.
3. Give your even a green twist by asking your guests to come with personalized wedding gifts that are eco-friendly.
4. In addition to unique wedding gift ideas you may also send your guests back with plants or baby oak trees to take home as a memorable party favour.
5. Set up a photo booth that comes with 70’s style props that your guests can have fun with.
6. Pick a band that is familiar with the popular numbers from the 70’s. It is best to create a play list of your favourite songs and hand it over to your band. If you aren’t able to find the right band, consider hiring a DJ.
7. No 70’s themed dance floor is complete without a stellar disco light!
8. Pick a menu that is vegetarian or vegan.
9. Have the bride and the groom ride out in a quintessential VW Van.
With a number of other innovative things you can do to add the peculiar fervour of the 70’s, planning a themed wedding can ensure some fantastic memories that will last you a life time!

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