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Countertops Memphis to Increase Resale Value

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Some of the best places to renovate a home with the goal of increasing value and selling for a profit are the places most commonly used. So, the bathrooms, the laundry room, the bedrooms and the kitchen are all at the top of the list. Living rooms and common areas always morph to suit the needs of the residents, so these are not as important (though still need some attention). But for immediate renovations to benefit resale, the aforementioned list is a good start. For example, in a kitchen, the most immediate thing to see would be the countertops. Countertops Memphis is a prime example of how ones eyes make lasting judgments on the value of a home.

Countertops Memphis could up the resale value of a home all on its own. A piece of carved granite could run the homeowner a pretty penny, but for resale, it would be worth it. A kitchen is ones investment for resale. If the oven is gas-powered and the proper ventilation system is installed, ones kitchen could up the resale by $5000. If the counters are of a fine material that is useful for those with culinary skills, one could up the value by another $5000. For example, bakers enjoy using granite countertops for the smooth coolness of the stone while some may not enjoy it for the harder to spot stains (if the granite is marbleized).

With the right interior decorating insight, one will have matching countertops that will work with the palette of the rest of the kitchen. This will also go a huge way to upping the resale of your house. Through countertops Memphis, one can find some excellent countertops to complement the coloring of the kitchen and would help keep the house in style with the current fashions.

The utility of the right countertops Memphis also comes into question. Plastic laminate countertops of a single colour might make the kitchen look spectacular and appealing, but is it the right choice if one cooks and bakes a lot of food? Without proper cooling surfaces, like wood cutting boards, thick cloth doilies and raised metal trays, the countertop would suffer from extreme heat and warp or become discolored. As well, without cutting boards, the counter top would become scratched and worn very fast, not to mention how dull ones kitchen knives would become.

Stone countertops work best near stoves while laminate work better for eating areas, islands, and places where one might have to lay down a cutting board. With stone near an oven, one does not have to worry about setting down an extra surface to save the countertops Memphis from becoming warped or discolored. The stone would absorb and dissipate the heat faster than many other kinds of countertops. When countertops in Memphis are concerned, do some research into what works best with your life. People who love to cook would find granite, or any other stone, countertops the best while laminate is good for esthetic and cleaning purposes. Find what is right for you.

PacificShoreStones offer 1,200 square foot kitchen & bath ( ) display of countertops in Memphis. The Memphis facility houses an assortment of stones from around the world, including traditional core colors and extravagant exotics for those customers looking for stones as unique as their own designs. For more information on granite countertops, you may visit

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