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Studying Stock Market Trends Can Give You an Edge

by batsdatafeed

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Thousands of investors take the plunge and put their money into the stock market. However, many traders tend to focus solely on personal stocks without looking at the bigger picture of general market trends. Savvy investment analysis should include a study of individual stock movements, as well as trends for certain types of stocks and trends for the stock market, as a whole. Following stock movements can help to ascertain the stock price on upcoming days. Investors should work with the flow of the market and trade with the stock market trends.


Your website visitors can determine all of this, and more, with a stock market data feed. This data contains detailed numerical price information reported from stock exchanges. It’s attached to a ticker symbol and additional information about the trade. This price data, reported in real time as a stock market data feed, is used to make immediate decisions about buying or selling. It’s also used to see the history of a stock to project pricing trends and figure market risk within a portfolio.


This information is summarized in an End Of Day market data feed. This data shows the day’s change in the price from the previous day’s close to the present. End of Day (EOD) data can include the day low and day high, which are the lowest and highest prices for a particular share of stock. The day’s changes for that stock are shown as a percentage and a number. Finally, the volume is the number of shares bought or sold.


You can order these data feeds online for your financial website. Get stock market information covering the exchanges where your clients do their trading. U.S markets cover data from the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and Notes (ETFs and ETNs), and the BATS exchange. You can also receive international stock market data feeds from Canadian, Australian, European, and other markets.


Receive these national and international stock data information in real time from, where you can request a specific kind of stock market coverage. is also the place to order End of Day data. This EOD database goes through thorough checking to ensure that the figures are completely accurate. It is easily accessible: receive it as an HTTP or FTP file with full tick data and interval bars. Their End of Day market data service covers global Equities, Indices, Futures, and Foreign Exchange markets, enabling your website visitors to have the overview they need to make intelligent investment decisions.

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