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An Introduction to Flanged Immersion Heaters and its Uses

by Jobcosmith

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An immersion heater is the most cost-effective solution for heating a variety of fluids such as transfer fluids, oil, water, gases, and other corrosive solutions. These devices are generally very simple to use and install because it provides an effective heating system that can be smoothly controlled for any process temperature range. In case, if an industrial application requires to heat the contents present in a container or a tank that is under high pressure, then flanged immersion heaters are implemented. These heaters are typically available with 150 pound and 300 pound ratings.


Flanged immersion heaters have hairpin bent tubular elements that are brazed into the flange with couple of electrical connections. These flange heaters are attached with some specific type of gasket and are installed by bolting or welding it to the wall or nozzle of the storage tank. These heaters, found in both shapes round and square models are a great selection for applications that require larger wattages. They are specifically designed for installation into a tank, a pipe body or pressure vessel that uses standard pipe size.

They are available in various flange sizes, voltages, terminal housings, sheath materials, and kilowatt ratings suitable for all types of heating applications. In addition, these devices are highly efficient since all the energy that is generated by the heaters is dissipated straight into the medium that is being heated.

These heaters are designed to be used in tanks and pressurized vessels because they are very easy to install and maintain. They can be easily used for heating liquids and gases in various applications. Speaking of which, the heating source in a circulation heater consists of flanged or immersion heater. Circulation heaters help to set-up self-contained electrical heating systems in different industries.

However, besides these heaters being used in circulation heaters, they are also implemented in a wide range of other commercial and industrial applications. Let us take a look at some following uses of flanged immersion heaters.

Uses of Flanged Immersion Heaters

  • These heaters demonstrate high temperature control.
  • The energy loss during the heating is minimal because these heaters are immersed in the substance.
  • Heaters are easy to install and maintain.
  • They are suitable for immediate heating applications, and can also be used for a number of medium to heavy-duty processes.
  • These heaters do not require chronic maintenance-related expenses.
  • They are suitable for regular containers and tanks and also for oddly-shaped containers and ducts.

Electric Immersion Heaters can be totally customized to suit the needs of various industrial and commercial requirements. Customization can be carried out in several different fronts based on aspects like heating output, sheath material, installation and/or flange length and thickness.