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The Benefits of Using Quality Overhead Dock Doors in your Fa

by irmagreer

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If you have a warehouse or other type of facility, you obviously want to keep the contents secure. If you have food or medical supplies, you may need to keep them at a certain temperature to keep them from spoiling. If you do not have the right overhead dock doors on your warehouse, you could end up losing money on inventory that you have to throw away. For a variety of reasons, it is best to invest in quality doors for your loading dock, warehouse or facility to save you money and to provide essential security.

If you need dock door coolers, Thermostop has several from which to choose. These doors come in sectional overhead types and are 2" to 4" in thickness. Depending on the type of door you choose, they are insulated with polyurethane or EPS or both. Some have windows depending on the model and they all come in white or grey finishes, some can be painted an optional color and some models have a motorized option as well.

Currently, Thermostop has five models of doors so you can find the perfect one for your warehouse or facility. Customers with facilities such airplane hangars, service stations, car washes or dealerships, bars or cafes, food or flower warehouses or public service facilities such as fire stations, police stations, municipal warehouses or military installations may find the Thermostop Tradition model will best fit their needs. Customers can choose between a white or grey stucco finish for aluminum doors or the white finish for steel doors. The doors contain flexible PVC weather stripping on the perimeter and the bottom of the doors and have galvanized steel end caps. You can also choose between several types of glazing options for windows.

Customers who are in heavy industrial warehouses know the damage that a forklift can cause. Fortunately, these customers can choose the Breakfree 200 door which has a knock-out panel at the bottom in case of an errant forklift driver. The panel simply breaks free and can be replaced if it is hit with a forklift or other piece of equipment. Or they may be interested in the Impactable Composite Panel door where you can easily replace the bottom panel if it is damaged by a forklift. These doors are of superior quality to keep damage to a minimum.

For customers in a very fast paced environment where goods are moved frequently and need to be kept cold, they may find the Breakfree 400 more to their liking. This door has a 4" thickness and, as the Impactable Composite Panel, has been missile tested for impact to ensure the exterior skin is not damaged under normal conditions.

Finally, the Mark Door has been manufactured for its superior insulation capabilities and robust performance. The door is made of galvanized steel and has a 4" thickness to keep your goods such as food or pharmaceuticals cold. It can be operated both manually or motorized and is a great investment if you want to reduce energy costs and have a door that requires low maintenance.

 If you need overhead dock doors for your warehouse or facility, visit, a manufacturer of quality overhead doors.

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