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Introduction to Mini Linear Actuators and Its Applications

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A device, a linear actuator, is very important in creating motion in machine tools, computer peripherals and many other places where motion is necessary for the operation. These actuators create motion in a straight line by transferring the electrical signals in to controlled and required action.

The increasing trend of miniaturization paved a way for the manufacturing of Mini Linear Actuators. These actuators became very popular among the people within short span of time as they help to make machines and tools more compact. Mini actuators are two inch smaller than the standard linear actuators. The device is available with stroke sizes ranging from 1 inch to 24 inch, with force of 15 lbs, 50lbs, and 150lbs. There are many manufactures that customize the orders according to the customer’s requirements. Manufactures can custom make the voltage, stroke size, force, hole dimensions, connectors and wire length.

Presently, people worldwide prefer to buy mini linear actuators as they are very small in size, quite, powerful and easy to install. Moreover, they are highly useful in equipments and machines where space is extremely limited.

Parts of Mini Linear Actuator

Miniature actuators consist of the following main parts.

An Aluminum anodized support rail with T-slots and two raceway shafts that are made up of steel.

A carriage that is fixed within the support rail using track rollers.

Toothered belt drive (wear resistant)

Two return units mounted on the support rail


They are suitable for applications that require: Accelerations up to 20 m/s2

Speeds up to 4 m/s

Stroke lengths up to 1700 mm

Uses of Mini Linear Actuators in the Furniture Industry

There is a large dependency of miniature actuators in the manufacturing of furniture. They are highly useful in adjustable furniture to create and control movement up/down, front/back and raised/lowered.

The use of electric actuators has increased considerably as they operate efficiently using a remote controller. These electric actuators make possible all kinds of linear motion in desks, drafting tables, easels, consoles and coffee tables, bed, sofa set etc. Their uses are highly recognized in the office furniture as they ease the material repositioning. Same with the case of TV lift. TV lifts with electric actuators help the user to lift the TV up and down and make the TV out of sight. With the help of these miniature linear actuators, furniture manufacturers are benefited to design more adaptable, comfortable, functional and compactable furniture.

Other than furniture manufacturing industry, mini actuators are widely used in: hobby design, auto, marine, industrial, medical applications, RC enthusiasts, robotics hobbyists, home, car, motorbike, ATV, boat etc.

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