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Advantage of Conducting Automated Software Testing

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With more and more companies launching new applications to target the expanding software market, the software development projects are becoming more complex and complicated. At the same time, the software developers have to work consistently in improving the user experience by fixing a variety of bugs, errors, mistakes and functions. Also, the software must perform smoothly in different environments to become successful. So, companies deploy the most effective software testing techniques to save time, money and effort.

The method of software testing also varies based on the nature and size of the project. Each company also has options to choose from a number of manual and automated software testing methods. But the automated web testing methods are hugely popular due to their flexible and easy-to-use nature. A software testing professional can use a set of flexible tools to run a testing script to accurately emulate the behavior of end-users.

You can even consider automating specific manual testing processes to avail several advantages. Based on the design and type of the software, you can use specialized tools to carry out functional, regression, stress, and exception or negative testing. Also, the tools can be used to ensure that the software performs smoothly under different circumstances and conditions. You can even decide the hardware or software that needs to be upgraded to improve the performance of the software.

Significant Advantage of Conducting Automated Software Testing

Easy to Perform Certain Test Repeatedly: Software testing professionals often have to administer certain tests repeatedly to cover all bases. The complex nature of the project will require the testers to put a huge amount of test and efforts to perform the tests again and again manually. Further, the manual test will make it difficult for testers to find the glitches and bugs in the application. Most software testing tools allow testers to configure the tests once based on certain parameters, and use the configuration to administer the test over and over without putting any extra effort.

Smooth Running of Loads of Tests and Cases: Nowadays, most software application projects are divided into different modules. So a large project will require the testing professionals to test the application on a regression basis. The automated test scripts also have to be written from the scratch by keeping in mind a large number of tests or cases that will run and rerun consistently. As the running and rerunning of test scripts manually needs a huge amount of time, it may prolong the project completion date. So many testers use testing tools to easily execute the test scripts till they are sure about the accuracy of test results.

Saves Your Time and Resources: Most companies, nowadays, deploy a team of software testing professional to make the project a success. So you have to invest more time and resources to test a software application thoroughly. But you can always save both time and resources by automating the testing process. As the test scripts can be reused to target several user interfaces, and the tests can be administered in less time, you can easily develop a quality application, while saving funds. Also, the automated testing tools can save you money by reducing the resources needed to conduct regression tests.

Make Your Software more Reliable: With companies upgrading their applications regularly, it has become essential for you to ensure that your software is 100% error-free. Also, you need to develop an application that can run smoothly on major web browsers, operating systems and devices. You can choose from several software testing tools to suit the nature of your application. Each testing tool further allows you to build a suite of test to cover all features and functionality of the application. The comprehensive testing can emulate user behavior accurately that will contribute toward boosting the efficiency, performance and reliability of the application.

Reusability of the Test: A tester has options to choose from a variety of test automation tools. However, the prices of the testing tools will vary based on the expected features and functionality. The advanced tools come with record and playback feature. You can use the software simply by moving and clicking the mouse. Also, you can use the click buttons to directly check the user experience. At the same time, some tools also allow you to use image templates to emulate the user behavior accurately. These features make it easier for software testers to reuse a single test script to administer application testing.

Quick Testing of Cross-Platform Applications: Each successful application has to be compatible with major operating systems and devices. So most companies, nowadays, develop cross-platform software applications. If you are developing a web application, it must run on major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Your testing team has to spend a huge amount of time and efforts to ensure that the features and functionality of the application is supported by popular web browsers and operating systems. But you can easily test the performance of cross-platform applications by automating the testing process.

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