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Three Hot Topics Concerning Services

by rubybadcoe

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Long believed to simply involve dusty file cabinets in dingy basements, records management is now recognized as a critical component in today's business climate. The sheer volume of data that companies handle nowadays necessitates this type of service. Proper implementation of services like records management by Williams Data Management will eliminate storage of unnecessary documents along with other outstanding benefits.

Records are maintained for business, legal, and historical reasons, and without a proper framework, valuable documents will be buried in the digital landfill. The value of records management necessitates its continued expansion. Here are three hot issues that a proper records management system can address.

Information governance

Records management is a cornerstone of good company governance. As a part of good governance, records management needs to involve multiple company departments including the IT, finance, legal, and executive departments. It needs to be involved in everything from procurement to e-discovery, and the leaders need to have the skills to handle the diversity of activities.


E-discovery is another important records management issue. It refers to the initial phase of litigation where the parties are required to provide each other with all the records and information relevant to the case. According to an industry survey conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), a non-profit organization of information professionals, fines, legal fees, and damages can all be reduced or avoided if companies applied best practices related to e-discovery.


One of the main challenges of records management is to persuade users to declare records and categorize documents correctly after they create it. If not classified correctly, information will be much harder to locate in a database. Auto-categorization helps reduce this burden on users. Indexing a document when it is created is a much more effective approach than doing so later.

The importance of records management in this day and age cannot be overstated. If your company still stores its records the old way, or if your current practices leave much to be desired, it's time to acquire effective Williams records management services for your company. Learn the seven ways you can make records management easy by visiting

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